A Dash Of Reality

Sunday, October 01, 2006


That I actually had to sully my keyboard and type the things that I did for my newest blogpost made me abandon my laptop and rush to the bathroom for the Irish Spring and some hot water. I even wanted to submerge my HP Pavilion zd8000 into a tub of Bactistat. Ewwww!

Most normal persons have no idea what we battle here at Absolute Zero.

Do they?

That I even lowered myself to respond to that "Nigel" excuse for a vertical biped made me question some of my inner, core values. Except that I felt compelled. Compelled to draw the distinction between, literally, Good and Evil.

I had to express that in my newest blogpost.

And though I haven't made my stance generally known, I am what I call a Post-9/11 Agnostic. Before that, I was a complete Atheist. I write this to let those readers know that my views have little if anything to do with the topic of "religion." But there is, I have realized, Right and Wrong.

And friends, fucking little boys and girls up the butt and in their mouths and their vaginas is so wrong as to upset even the most stern of "cultural expressionists."

And anyone, anyone at all, who cannot see and understand that, on its face, is a person so extremely devoid of humanity that there is, I believe, absolutely no possible repair.

No repair at all.

You have, in my opinion, totally and completely surrendered your Humanity Card.

And therefore, you reap what you sow.

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