What's The Big Deal?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The number of registered sex offenders living in Dorset has risen by nearly 40 per cent in three years, says Jane Reader of the Daily Echo.

Statistics released by the government today show there are more than 500 violent and sexual offenders being monitored across the county, 379 of whom are on the sex offenders register.

The numbers were revealed as part of the MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements) annual report.

It shows the numbers on the register have steadily increased from 273 in 2002/03 to 333 in 2003/04, 352 in 2004/05 and 379 in 2005/06

The police say that this doesn't necessarily mean there are more offenders, just that more are registered and being monitored.

Detective Chief Inspector Ivor Graham of Dorset Police who said only 28 of the 526 offenders under their care are deemed to be so dangerous that they need high-level monitoring and active multi-agency input.

The figures are released just days after a convicted sex offender was warned he would be locked up for life after he was convicted of abducting a six year old girl from her bath and raping her in North Tyneside.

Peter Voisey, 35, who already had a conviction of sexually assaulting a child, dumped his victim naked on the street.

Sounds positive, right? Only 28. Of course, you might think different if your child was a victim of just one of those 28. One child, one life, one soul.

And you must also consider the findings of Dr. Gene Abel:

Pedophiles commit more than 10 times as many sexual acts against children as do non-pedophile molesters. On average, a molester with pedophilia commits 70.8 molestation acts.

If only 3 of those 28 sexual offenders were paedophiles, they could collectively be anticipated to perpetrate more than 200 molestations.

That is a big deal and merely one of the many reasons why the registries and intense monitoring are so important.
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