Interview: Dr Judith Reisman

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dr Reisman is the President of the Institute for Media Education. She has served as an advisor to various international governments and as an expert witness in many court cases. Further to this, she is the author of multiple journal articles and four books including Kinsey, Sex and Fraud and Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences. Dr Reisman has kindly agreed to speak with us today about Kinsey and paedophilia.

On your website, you refer to the "world according to Kinsey", can you explain the conditions of that world and whether they affect us today?

Alfred C Kinsey was the recognized "father of the sexual revolution" the creator of the return of "free love" for what had slowly become a fairly civilized society. In 1948 as he and his followers sold his "philosophy" of sex, intimacy and love worldwide, they reshaped our world. Even Margaret Mead, hardly a puritan, knew that Kinsey's phony "numbers" would wreck havoc with society. He could not distinguish between a woman "and a sheep," she noted.

Kinsey was himself a fanatic sexual psychopath, a bi/homosexual pornographically addicted adulterous sadomasochistic male with obvious proclivities for young boys, a man who solicited and directed the sexual torture of up to 2,035 infants and children as young as two months of age. Ask yourselves, in this era of Congressman-child molesters, what kind of justice can women and children expect from our elected officials and from those they appoint? Academicians, law enforcement, elected and pastoral officials will choose people likely to do as their “leaders” expect. Kinsey chose only disordered people to be near him, to do his research. That is normal. Elliot Ness wouldn't surround himself with Mafia men and Mafia men certainly wouldn't have an honest man nearby. That means the disease spreads—hire or appoint only those you know you can blackmail or control.

When adults are permitted to be narcissistic and self indulgent they naturally are abusive of those weaker than they. Kinsey was, on the evidence, the most important "philosopher" of the 20th and even the 21st Centuries. His philosophy of life was not original, not new, but very old. He revived the selfish gene philosophy, even largely repudiated by Darwin himself, and he and his patrons and followers have engrained their neo-pagan philosophy into all of Western society—not a small accomplishment for a lone sexual psychopath. We now have Kinsey’s philosophy operative everywhere we turn, from the kinds of media we view to the sodomies and promiscuity that is force fed to children in schools, the mass media, even some church venues, as well as the laws -- enforced or not. It's a Kinsey world.

You've spoken about the "international academic pedophile movement" you observed in 1977. Do you feel this group has gained momentum and what are the implications of such movement? Do you see any parallels between the Kinsey reports and the Rind et al study?

You know, I cannot address this question or that of the current Congressional expose without facing the fact that leadership in the effort to legalize child abuse comes largely from the male homosexual movement. At the 1977 conference it was largely male homosexual power—pederasty-- that was in evidence calling for child access. Just as Kinsey “normalized” adult access to boys so too did the Rind authors, the lead two of whom also were showcased in Paidika, The Journal of Paedophilia, a Dutch based publication, that has been advocating for an end to age of consent and "man-boy love" as their mission statement.

Male heterosexual abuse of women and girls skyrockets within any environment that demeans and degrades women. Of course, as pornography increased so too does heterosexual addiction to this erototoxin. Erototoxins are therefore causal in the increase of sex and non sex crimes against women and girls, wives, girlfriends, ones children, ones students, etc. (Depending on the data you use we can suggest well over a 1000% increase in sex crimes post 1948). So yes, it is only logical that Rind et al cite to Kinsey and all of his followers as "experts" in their bogus report.

Considering the direction of the paedophile movement in the 21st century, what do you consider the most compelling finding you made about Kinsey?

The most compelling finding is probably how dependent the entire "field" of human sexuality is upon Kinsey and his reputation. I admit to being surprised that I found no real support at all in the academic world for these obvious, well documented findings. Despite evidence, smoking guns galore, the Kinsey Institute continues unhindered, financed by state, federal and private foundation money. Now the merger of Big Pharmacology, Big Pornography, Big Sexology and Big Media is a multi billion dollar corporate merger. The money made of sexual dysfunction, depression, disease, abortion, and all of the fallout from that in STD vaccines mandated for children, etc., makes Big Tobacco look like a nursery school party.

So the cover–up, the "circle the wagons" mentality was perhaps the most significant “scientific” finding of all. Kuhn wrote about the “bandwagon” effect and that isn’t even the half of it. “Science” disappears when authorities think their reputations will be harmed as "experts." This has been THE major SCIENTIFIC finding. Kinsey's fraud, without question the most significant and influential scientific frauds in our century is untouchable! Just as Mead, Freud, Rodgers and Maslow and others were discredited, just as the evidence has discredited the entire sexual revolution, their academic fields, text books, grants, papers and professors soldier on, professing it never happened.

The Yorkshire Television documentary, Kinsey's Paedophiles even located a German Nazi who contributed his on going rapes to Kinsey but our media won't play the British documentary. The cowardice of the so called scientific community is palpable. Tragic indeed.

Thank you Dr Reisman for taking the time to speak with us.

Further details of Dr Reisman's life and work can be found here.

*Photograph used with express written permission from Dr Reisman.
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