"Child Love"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The paedophile agenda is based on the notion of "child love" - that is to say, they "love" children much more than the average person. They seem to think that if they convince people of this, that we will accept their perversion.

So it is astonishing to read the ways this band of child "lovers" will invade the privacy of - and even steal from - the very objects of their desire for their own selfish purposes.

Take this discussion on the Visions of Alice discussion forum as an example:

johninengland speaks of his 11 year old niece:

when she was younger i'd found a pair of her white cotton panties after she slept over one night, i had a good time with those, so i was happy when i found a pair of hers wrapped up in her school uniform while housesitting recently. they were used, so i was even happier, although i didnt mess them up, i still had a nice time

the_nnp2p_fan is unimpressed but needs suggestions:

I have a niece and I can easily go to her room and get stuff from her drawer, what can I do with them
Can you be creative

LuvPTs offers help to the poor unfortunates without nieces to rob:

For those of you that dont have a niece, a male friend with a LG
here is a suggestion. The trash bin at your local laundryman is a good place to find
a (worn) pair of LG panties.

Some may have the elastic band at the waiste or legs slighly
removed from the rest. Or the part that is sewed to place
the double lining at the croch. But who cares. They will serve
your purpose.

How does he know? Simple:

I have quite a nice collection. But I ONLY take the ones that
say "size 2T to 8" and that, obviously because of their size
belong to a LG not some old granny.
I get mine at a Laundrymat..next to a 7-11..where I buy
my smokes. From 9 pm to 10 pm there is hardly ever
anyone there.

and daughterdaughter....well, what can you say?

The nature of my job allowed me to work in people's houses when nobody was home and often times it was the same houses over and over. A few houses obviously had children and one of them in particular had a gorgeous LG....

You have no idea how tempted I was to snag a pair of panties from her drawer. One day I did - light purple with even lighter purple hearts. Cotton. I shoved them in my pocket and thought about them all day until I finally got home and was able to examine them. Looks like she had them for a little while from the almost completely white areas around the waistband and areas where her lil' cheeks would stress the fabric. They must've been tight on her body by now - ready to buy a size bigger. So, I doubt she'd miss them.
Unless they were her 'favorite' (I often dream they are) and she wonders where she left them and in some alternate reality her thoughts somehow come back to me.

These paedophiles are prancing around the internet claiming "child love" while denying these children their fundamental rights to privacy and property.

Acceptance? Not on my watch.
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