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Thursday, October 26, 2006

On horseback, steamboats and jets. The mail always gets through..........or does it?

For those of you who have been keeping up with the attempt by Perverted Justice to shut down Pedo sites you should be familiar with this. Read more HERE and HERE.

The pedofreaks don't seem to want to go quietly into that good night. They believe they can get a court injunction to stop the closing of their pedo sites. They believe somehow, that they can FORCE someone to sell them a service which they don't want to sell them. Go figure.

Well, naturally they need money for the attorneys, and naturally when they begged for donations and got lots of pledges, all those pledges have somehow not appeared....promptly. They're a little bit worried now. They're down to the wire. They need $20,000 pronto.

But ya know, thinking about this it just reminded me so much of something else. Remember the whole Save the Children fiasco? We wrote about it HERE and HERE. Also HERE, HERE and HERE

And thinking of that reminded me of THIS and all the pedo-anxiety they all experienced when they talked about making anonymous donations. They had so many suggestions concerning how to make donations while remaining SAFE, that you couldn't help but chuckle. Some suggestions included:

Only send cash
Mail from another location
Wear surgical gloves
Don't use lickable stamps....but if you do use a sponge and bottled water...
But wait! Can water residue be traced?

And Porcelain seems the most concerned
"Why would I worry about a cash donation via the US postal service... well most letters these days are given a tracking number very close to the mail box the letter is taken from, hence, a route, especially in less populated areas, would allow the all pervasive government to narrow a search down considerably."

If they aren't doing anything illegal, what the hell is wrong with them? Stick a check in the mail and be done with it already! But then that's the Girl Chatters for you. Now we have the Boy Chatters trying desperately to get hold of some money. They don't want their message board to go down, no, it's almost like a lifeline for them. I mean heck, who else is going to tell them how wonderful they are? There's just a weeeee little problem here.

Lot's of eyes are on them.

They must be careful, you see.

One helpful pedofreak posted a a USPS chart with the length of time it takes the mail to arrive and the cost! Wow! How very helpful.

But when he referred those guys to the USPS website, and also instructed them to use a fake return address, perhaps he should have instead directed them to the Postal Inspectors website. You think? I guess in their pedo-hysteria they didn't realize there are laws about such things. And that those laws are Federal. And that their donations just might not ever arrive. Ever.

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