Tolerance is not an option

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jessica's Law, Proposition 83, Megan's Law, Dylan's Law, Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act all of these enacted and/or proposed laws came about due to a heinous act and the death of a child.

We all feel revulsion when we learn of these acts of atrocity. It sickens us, we feel pain in our hearts for what the child went through and we empathize with the victims survivors.

But imagine for a moment that it were your child.......difficult isn't it? And while we would never wish any of these things on anyone....we're still glad that it's not our own when we hear of it.

We look at them, our children, with wonder. They, whom we love like no other, are our treasures. We know that no one will ever hurt our children. No, not ours. Why?

Because it would be too much to bear. It would be beyond our comprehension to even imagine it. And yet, those things do happen, have happened and will continue to happen until we put a stop to it. Until we say:


You who would harm a child, you who would even think of it, you who steal children's underwear and photos from family albums, you who produce child pornography, distribute it, or possess it, you who fantasize about toddlers and babies, you who molest children and call it love, you who spread your filth around the internet and encourage your 'brothers'....your time is up. You can either get back into that toybox you crawled out of or pay the consequences. Tolerance is not an option.

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