The Trophy goes to Rookieeee!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

There are some of the opinion that you don't kick a dog when it's down.

There are others who believe that you don't let up when you have your opponent at a disadvantage, instead you make sure that he doesn't get back up.

You prance and gloat and use them as an example to anyone else who has the guts to try to pick up where their fallen hero left off. I belong to the second category.

Rookiee took a hard fall, he did. What is he doing now? Hiding of course. He explains on the pedovore message boards that he's scared. But it's not only anti's he's scared of, no. He's scared of what will come later.

He's scared of ending up like Kevin Brown and Lindsay Ashford, demonized by their own. LOL. Or even Jeffrey and Divinaw from Sure Quality Radio, (a pedophile rado show) now gone under after the recent arrest of those two guys for molesting boys. Or hey, how about Tom O'Carroll! He's even afraid of ending up like him "the moment he had some supposed child porn, he gets picked up by the police and is never heard from again?"

Well, Rookieeee, no one ever knows what the future holds. Are you in possession of child porn? Are you molesting boys? Do you have an IN YOUR FACE attitude? There you have it, Rookiee, you see, it's our kids! It's our children, Rookiee!! Can't you see that you will never be able to change anything, except of course for the worse.

Rookiee, says he's afraid of people chasing him down, of following him endlessly. I don't know about that, at the moment my own goal has been achieved. Rookiee is SILENT and that's what I was after. So, yeah I'll be watching, if only to make sure he stays that way.

Yet, even in Rookiee's darkest moment, his worst fear realized, he remains defiant. Although he knows that we know who he is, he still says "Kiss my ASS"

No thanks, Rookieeeee, I'm just gonna finish transcribing your pedologues. You see, somehow I just don't trust a pervert to tell the truth.

Oh and by the way, you won our contest for most repulsive visitor to AZ. You wear your distinction well I might add. I do approve.

1st Place Rookiee: 29%

2nd Place Lindsay Ashford: 24%
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