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Thursday, January 18, 2007

GL Meister runs the pedo blog Glorious Girls, and posts on GirlChat as Zlurker. He's a pedophile attracted to little girls. He's told different stories about his age of attraction AOA, but currently it's 2-14 years old. GL started his blog with the hope of luring in non-pedos to influence them with false information, but of course it attracts nothing but pedos. His plan failed. The one thing that is notable about Glorious Girls however is his consistent use of little girl 'modeling photos'. Gl is a kidder perver. He feels no guilt about doing this, I'd venture to say he feels no guilt about anything. Zlurker is totally self-absorbed.

Just a little background info on Zeeeelurker. According to him, he's in his late 30's, living in Western New York. He's married and has a young son and daughter. From here on his story becomes blurry, from his age when he lost his virginity and the age of children he's attracted to, to the fact that he first started masturbating to images of adult women at 10 or 11 according to which version you read. You just don't know which parts are true and which are lies. There's only one thing for sure. GL is a liar. So it only stands to reason that if he lies about insignificant things --wouldn't he also lie about what he did with his little "pedolicious crush" when he watched her change out of her swimsuit, or when he took her out on a "date?" Or how about when he changed his daughter's diaper and thought to himself "if they only knew"

GL came out of the toybox this year to his wife. Why? Why would he do that? Well, for one thing Lindsay told him to. But more importantly GL believes that coming out is the "ultimate form of activism." He also knew, so he says, before he did it that she wouldn't leave him. How could he know such a thing? I'm assuming she's an emotionally battered woman, just judging from the things he's written. And so GL just sticks it to her a little more. What possible benefit was it? He needed to feel accepted by someone. He needed to force his perversion on someone, without regards to their feelings. He needed validation. GL is self absorbed. He even plans to tell his Mother. He's not worried about her rejecting him though because if she doesn't accept what he tells her with love and support then he'll reject her! What a guy.

GL says he loves children. Yet his own children aren't enough to fulfill him. He doesn't love them in that way. His own kids are objects he uses to put him into contact with other young church, soccer games, parks and playgrounds. He calls these GoM's. Girl ogling Moments. Each time he spends the day at the playground he rushes to GirlChat to brag. Not about the wonderful time he had with his child, but about each and every flash of panties he saw. "A day I had not been looking forward to turned into one of the best days I have had in many weeks."

Gl Meister, husband, father of 2, adult porn addict one day "accidentally" sees some child porn online. "I've never felt that way before!" The effect of seeing that little girl nude had such a profound effect on Zlurker that he set out to test the depths of his depravity. On Usenet groups he collects "child modeling" pics mostly of girls in "age appropriate underwear". "I probably have 300+ images alone just from Adie's Vogue Bambini collection". Girls mostly 3-10 years old. He particularly enjoys the images of Sandra, but states that he feels the images of her in thongs with legs spread wide are disrespectful.
"I stay away from the government run child porn sites"
Oh well! That's different then. He's told us enough that we know. He doesn't have to say it. Who's willing to bet how much child porn he's got? I'll give you 20 to 1.

Let us continue our look at GL's fixation as he proceeds down that path from regular ol' family man to porn addict and self-actualized pedophile. Just how far will he go? How far will he push the limits and boundaries that society places upon him? Personally I have no doubt. We are currently watching his descent as it evolves. And since it has been determined that a man's fantasies are a much greater indicator of future actions than what they say, I think it would be very interesting to know what this man fantasizes about, don't you?
I only fantasize about consensual/mutually-desired sexual interaction, but were it not for the fact that even the thought of an LG being frightened or hurt makes me go limp my choice would be D. (occasionally fantasize about making a child participate in sexual activity against her wishes)
Zeeeelurker loves polls. When faced with lots of choices on the next fantasy poll he gets more specific. the choices were: A-fully clothed, B-underwear, C-nude, D-watching her masturbate, E-consensual sexual touching, F-getting/giving a consensual hand job, G-getting/giving oral sex, H-consensual anal/vaginal penetration, I-consensually breaking the cherry
With any girl in my AOA 2-14 I fantasize about 'A' through 'G'

With young teens he fantasizes about 'H' and 'I'

My main LG fantasies though are 'D', 'E' and 'G'. I really like 'G' when it involves removing her diaper first
What else is there to say about Zeeeelurker you may ask. I'll just leave you with some random remarks of his and let you figure him out for yourself. When you're through reading these comments from this obsessed, fixated pedophile please help us rid the blogosphere of this pedocrap. Go HERE and flag his blog. Then go HERE and click the TOS violation regarding the posting of images of little girls for the sole purpose of sexually arousing other pedophiles.
"losing her virginity" implies that something valuable has been lost. Whereas I see something valuable being gained.
When your AOA dips into the nepi range, changing diapers is not such a miserable chore as it might otherwise seem
I would like to see a new tradition where girls - around their sixth birthday or so - are given a nice set of dildos/vibrators that they can "grow into"
I wish I could act on my urges with a mutually consenting LG
I do not think we need to feel bad about giving in to the charms of beautiful girls. If we do not, then someone else will anyway
I regularly fantasize about the daughters of my neighbors, friends, cousins and co-workers. If I had nieces in my AOA I am sure I would fantasize about them as well
I just saw an absolutely gorgeous two year old today still in diapers and using a pacifier. My heart was thumping
The day I discovered Puella was one of the most important days of my life
I fantasize about little girls almost every day
Knowing how and when to make eye contact with the parents accompanying the LG is a skill at which I have become quite proficient
You owe yourself something after what you've been through. I suggest you go hang out at the playground - just do not look suspicious while you're there
I would not recommend bothering with a therapist. I do not see what a therapist is going to do for someone that the internet cannot do
Parents are afraid of their children seeing them have sex for a number of reasons. The parents shame of their own sexuality, embarrassment of their own bodies, and fear that their three year old daughter would ask if she could play too.....
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