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Thursday, January 04, 2007

It should come as no surprise to anyone here that pedophiles hate us. That pedophiles want all "antis" out of the way. But doggone it those nitwits even talk about it in public! Oh yeah! They're making plans....

We've already seen Xanadu threaten AZ'ers with his .44 and BillEVans and Dididiot Didaskalos' veiled threats. But now Xanadu is back! He says "I want to HURT the antis, but I'm not sure how". And boy does he get some suggestions and offers for help. There are some real doozies here, folks.

Bill Evans:
The best way is to simply ignore them. 98% of the traffic on their pathetic blogs is from pedos checking to see what they are up to. Frankly, who cares?

I believe Bill Evans cared, until we sent him running back to pedochat. He must try to save face you know.

doesn't seem to be much activity lately at the iluv2surf site. Perhaps they started to see the downside of upsetting people like me

People like you? Slvrspun the convicted pedofreak who stalked a little boy and makes occasional threats towards everyone in the justice system. Slvrspun thinks pedos should set loose a 'plague' to kill the antis as a form of terrorism.

either they or their employers have a business in a competitive market, for instance... not to mention the time-honored tradition of assasination, which can be pulled off fairly safely and efficiently.

Well, I suppose that's one way. JD encourages taking a deep breath and trying to make the world a better place by reaching out to those less fortunate......and THEN
...and when you have done these things - if you still want to kill people after that, at least you'll be doing it as part of a healthy and balanced life... and that is not at all a bad thing.

Sure, JD, that's not a bad thing at all, as long as you're balancing your violence towards society with your tender mercy for little children. Right.

d says:

The desire to HURT someone for the sake of HURTing them is sadism.

On the other hand, feelings motivated by vengeance are perfectly normal.

Is that right? vengeance/normal. hmm

Homicide is not the solution in promoting an agenda that claims to be about love, consent, and toleration and has as a primary goal to dissolution of link in the public’s mind between pedophilia and psychopathic behavior. Engaging in violence will do nothing but prove to our detractors that we are exactly what they say we are, and will destroy any possibility of sympathy

Kosh tried to calm them down but.....

Santi goes psycho:
Suppose that you know where the Peej homo lives. You go, torch the house, put a machine gun outside and shoot down everything coming from the house in fire, including animals and children. By tomorrow, the news would be "Boylovers kill justice maker Peej homo & family".

I think we have enough strenght in our hands to hold the helm. Besides, crossing the border from north to south is not that difficult

And Fey tries to help clarify:
Are you saying that such an action (killing PeeJ) is a bad thing to be avoided or that we should all say, "To hell with it" kill them and run to Mexico?

Santi replies:
I advice you to start learning Spanish and liking Mexican food

And Tyler tries to fix it by deleting the comments:
Santi, it was pretty clear to me that you were advocating a course of action that is illegal. Fey gave you a chance to make the meaning more clear; you let him know you meant what you said.

Do not advocate illegal acts.

Sorry dude, but I've already got my screenshots.

Let's wind it all up with Vespucci (the man who had never loved a boy before)
"Legitimize Boylove"

Oh yeah right, how could I forget that one eh? They want us to be sure that we understand that the solution to everything is to abolish AOC laws. They even state boldly that they won't molest our children anymore if we'll give them the right to have sex with our children.

Well, hey guys, that's ok, plan your plans, talk your talk. Lots of eyes are on you.

In more ways than one.
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