What's Love Got To Do With It?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Have you ever watched a boy try and eat a lobster for the first time?

So begins the story of Vespucci, a frequent pedofreak poster on BoyChat. He tells about his young (12 year old) friend trying to handle the lobster, how he assisted him and how it made him feel.
the way he dipped the meat in the butter and brought it to his mouth was completely unpostable.
And naturally some of his other pals have to get in on the pervchat jonasBark says
Lots of tail pluckin' and head suckin'
These outrageous comments made by obvious imbiciles intrigued me. What else might Vespucci say?

He talks a lot about wanting a foster child.
I was walking and talking with S when I mentioned I was bored in my life and was considering getting a foster child. He looked at my with his most serious boy look and informed me that I really should and told me what a great idea it was. He even later recommended I get a 10yo boy
I think the poor kid is trying to save himself, makes sense especially since Vespucci has talked about the boy being jealous when he was around other boys. But then he reassures us that he probably never will apply because
it gets taxing being that responsible for that long. At least as a AF only there is no real responsibility.

To be honest I will probably never go through with all of the paper work to be a foster parent. It is probably easier to marry a single mother and off her
(THAT WAS A JOKE) He proclaims.
And the anatomical deadspace quips back with
Isn't that what foster kids are for...To spicen up life when your bored, and to discard when you have something else better to do?
Then he comes up with a way to perv on kids without having to do anything He says: I feel so guilty! I know how many of you like to look at state sex offender registries looking at all of the pictures and seeing if you know anyone well today I did something slightly different. Appearently my state has an adoption web site were you can view pictures and biographies of adoptable children.
Yes Vespucci is really mouthy. When his pals have trouble finding jobs he advises them that most places don't do background checks and the best bet is to "Flat out lie!"

He tells us about sniffing his friends underwear to see what it's like. He didn't like it and ended up calling his pedopals who do "PERVERTS!"

He tells us about a time he exposed himself to a young boy in the men's room while at the movies to see "CARS".

He tells us about hanging out at the swimming pool and spying a striking 8 year old boy.
there were no pesky lifegaurds and the pool was nearly empty
Tomorrow I think I will bring some toys with me when I go to swim laps. Riding his bike he can't carry any with him and a football or a tennis ball will work wonders.

BTW, I am not going to go on about his lithe tight wet body that glistened in the sun as he climbed out of the side of the pool nor will I mention the way he fit his swimsuit ever so perfectly because, as we know, that would violate the rules.
In another post he tells us about being unemployed and living in a low-rent apartment complex witih "a great abundance of single mothers and unfathered boys. I took an immediate liking to 1 in particular". Unfortunately it didn't last long, as Vespucci says
Although she never confronted me she accussed me of doing things to C
To defend himself he accuses the Mom of things he deems to be unsatisfactory, such as
an alcoholic who likes to sleep around with black men with records
Over time the woman became jealous of the time I spent with C and his younger brother.
And even turtle (you will remember him from GirlChat) gets in on this one, he says:
if someone is overprotective of their kids i always choose to assume that its either because something sexual is going on or its because the parents are into illegal activities.
OH! Is that what it is?
it tears me up when i see the slow damage done by parents like this. a kid starts out early in life as a sweet funloving kid,with no clue how fucked up the situation is.
but kids grow and learn. as they get a little older,you can see fear and a question in their eyes. this is usually when they reach out for attention by being clingy or acting out. as they get a little older,they smile and laugh even less. you can now see the beginnings of anger and despair. they can still be saved at this point,but it usually doesnt happen. they are beginning to figure out that noone cares,and they are virtually on their own. a little more time goes by and they are almost completely changed. very little is left of that once beautiful child,so full of love and wonder. they have given up. they are broken. they are cynical. their seldom laughter is evil and full of contempt for others. they become cruel at this point,and often violent. by 12 or 14,they have become their parents,or worse.

yet this is better than a loving embrace from a sick pedophile,right? i hate society...
Sounded like the effects of child sex abuse to me, hmmmm.
But then, ah the camping trip. Vespucci asks:
How to convince a boy he wants to go camping? Really, Im asking. I have taken S(12) camping before and he loved it yet he adamantly refuses to go again
Some of the suggestions he receives are
  • Buy him a camera
  • take him rock climbing
  • sweeten the pot with archery
  • or shooting, fishing, or hunting
  • Remove the thing that keeps him from wanting to go
Then we have a piece of advice from lookin who tells Vespucci
Well...I remember your story about the last camping trip. Maybe you ought to read your own post to see why he might not want to be out in the woods with you again, hmm?
But of all Vespucci's stories the one that stuck with me the most was his car wreck he had with S the 12 year old. Yeah, it really shook Vespucci up pretty bad. You might say his life flashed before his eyes. And in so doing he had an epiphany....
At times I am S's dad and he is my son. We don't mention it but that is the relationship. And then at other times we are just best friends and we treat each other as age peers. Really I am in new territory here.
I have never loved a boy before
only lusted after ones
I could not have.
So there you have it. The story of Vespucci. The boylover who had never loved a boy before.
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