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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guess what, folks? They think its our fault!!

After the recent execution style shooting of several schoolgirls in an Amish schoolhouse, STORY HERE and the news that the perpetrator claimed to have molested girls before, and the fact that he let all the boys go keeping only the girls inside, and the fact that he had come prepared for a seige stocked with all sorts of supplies including lubricant... I was curious what freakopaths would have to say about the matter.

Would they be worried that perhaps one of them would be capable of something like this? Would they condemn the man? Would they react with horror and disgust? As we've seen before they don't generally react the way the general public does, so it really came as no surprise to read what they had to say. And yet it is still so shocking.

Let's start with Dante. You see he believes it's the media's fault.
I seriously doubt that this twit's plea for attention would've taken the form it did if the Vultures hadn't been circling a similar site a few days earlier.
WM, Nigel Leigh Oldfield:
A normal MAA, tortured by thoughts he could not share, terribly transfers his anger to the taboo subject of his dreams?
I think there would be a lot less mentally ill, or disturbed minor attracted adults if society didn't repress our orientation to such breaking points.
I imagine that, in the wake of the extreme oppression of MAAs (and the consequent sexual repression by MAAs in denial), we will be seeing more of these kinds of shootings in the future. When will society get a clue?
Tell someone he's a monster all his life, because he touched, or looked at, someone who was attractive to him, then look shocked when he becomes a monster 20 years later.
NO. Actually, Minstrel, I believe he said he had molested girls
the blame for every death including his own is the persecution of people who only want to show love and affection to the people they are attracted to.
Not that most pedosexuals would ever DO what this man did, but, just like contemplating suicide... who hasn't thought about it?
I can imagine myself in another parallel universe and seeing myself just as angry, with the same feelings wishing to do those same things. Repression has deadly side effects as society is now finding to its horror.
Most likely, and I hate to say I told you so to the non-believers, his sexual feelings for girls and teenage girls that he was unable to express built up over a period of 20 years, until he finally snapped and went out on a rape/killing rampage. No one is that mentally strong that they can stay celibate for life. Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with 'child molestation' unless the child is threatened into it
Winston, as usual, replies to the best of his ability
Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.....
sadly, they reap what they have sown. (The news media) will never admit to their own complicity in such crimes.

it does now appear that societal repression was a factor that contributed to his actions.

No telling what will happen now.
You got that straight!

You see, the pedovores out there in psycholand, think they can present a separate face to society, one that doesn't reveal their true freakopathic nature. They purposefully try to decieve, to pretend to be childlovers. While in the comfort of their pedoboards, this crap above comes out. Do they honestly think that anyone would read that and have acceptance and tolerance for them? They all come across as raging lunatics. NO, they'll never, ever be accepted or tolerated on any level. Read back at what they've written, and know that there is more, much much more. The only way to truly expose how utterly devious and devoid of basic humanity they really are..... is for you to read how utterly devious and devoid of basic humanity they really are.
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