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Monday, January 15, 2007

Incessant PedoBabble sometimes does our work for us. Let's think about that a moment while we consider the internet baby-lusting activist Nihil Aeturnius.

Lots of anti bloggers are sitting upright and paying attention to Nihil. AZ has written about him recently, as have Anti-Paedo. He deserves attention. Nihil is dangerous to children. He's just about as stupid as that idiotic coward Winston. The difference is that Nihil is more articulate. The difference is that Winston's yellow streak sent him hiding into the sidelines, whereas Nihil is too stupid to know when to be afraid. The difference is that Winston had nothing to say, he was best at pecking, harassing, and repeating useless scientific studies that didn't support what he was trying to support, whereas Nihil, who also misinterprets data, unfortunately has new ideas and he's not afraid to use them.

It's well known that Nihil is hostile towards parents. His beliefs can best be summed up this way:
"All parents are bad because they either neglect or control their children."
Nihil in his infinite wisdom, believes that not only does HE know what's in the best interest of children, but he will provide it for them in defiance of the parents wishes.

Looks like I'll have to start a Notable Nihil series. but for today I offer you his responses to a discussion on GirlChat regarding "openness within families & communities." Kea, who started the discussion, had this to say:
"as far as i am concerned, caregivers wishes are to be respected. this goes for everything. if they don't want her eating blue & yellow icecream, i won't buy it. i would break this rule if a child were in an abusive home situation & i wanted to help her, but thats all"
That sounds to me like Kea trying to pull the pedos back down to earth a bit. What does PedoBabbler Nihil have to say?
many if not most parents (In America, in modern society) fall into the following four categories

- Moronic
- Apathetic
- Controlling/Abusive
- Insane/Neurotic

With that in mind, if the girl I was seeing had parents who fell into those categories, I wouldn't give a shit what they thought
He rationalizes this position with this statement:
"There are many who want the best for their children, no matter what it is, and there are some who...don't. I support the former. I oppose the latter."
Nihil feels that he DOES know best. Nihil feels he has the right and the obligation to do as HE feels best with YOUR children. With that in mind, let's see what the other pedofreaks have to say.

Kea, who started the discussion says:
nihil_aeturnius, i wld feel uncomfortable maintaining the level of hostility you do here towards the families of children you love. i can't see how its going to help your cause.
I would very much want you to give a shit about my thoughts on the matter; my daughter, my responsibility, not yours.
"These are common ways that parents go against the interests of their kids and try to exert control over them. I would indeed care what you thought, but I would NOT honor any attempts you might make to force your daughter into becoming the type of person YOU wanted her to become"

"I would tell them (parents) to go to hell"

What the parents don't know won't hurt them,,,,
Guardians are not always right. It's up to you to decide what's right and what's illogical

I would never just bow to a parent's wishes on anything they wanted for their child, especially when it's not what the child wants. I use my own sense of reason and morality based on the freedoms I think children deserve to have.
These statements were made by pedophiles. These statements were made by people who want you to accept them and entrust your children to them. These statements were made by people who want you to think of them as good people who are good for children. These statements were made by people who want society to give them legal access to your childrens bodies. These statements were made by selfish pedofreaks whose motivating drive in life is their own sexual pleasure. These statements were made by delusional people who will say anything to get in your kids pants. When someone like BB makes a comment like this:
"Nobody - and I mean absolutely nobody loves children more than a Child Lover."
We know exactly what BB is referring to. And when he states:
"I'd like to see a "normal" man give up all sexual contact with women in order to protect women from any damage that could result"
We can only shake our heads when all the little pedo heads start to nod.
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