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Saturday, August 25, 2007

- It's what maladjusted sex offenders do when they're not in prison. According to Jan Kruska, Child Molesters and Abusers aren't actually to blame for cases of sexual abuse - the parents of the victims, the government in general and everyone else in society are what's responsible.

Also did you know that any country which punishes criminals for commiting crimes, constitutes as a police state?

Nuh, neither did we.

But you don't have to take my word for it, listen to Jan herself as she raps it all out - telling it like it is.

01. Police State - Jan educates us about common sense and the fact that the Police State we live in should turn a blind eye to people who sexually abuse children because the world isn't our babysitter. Most importantly she lets us know how important she is in the struggle to keep children safe from child predators. We can NOT depend on Amanda Rogers.

02. Lewd Behavior - Jan "Concerned for the truth" Kruska AKA Amanda Rogers talks about how no one should have the right to know if George Edenfield's living next door.

03. Stand by your Child Molesting Man - Jan feels qualified to speak on behalf of the victims of child sexual abuse saying that the reason why sexual abuse is so under-reported isn't because the victims feel so deeply hurt by their abuse that they'd rather not re-live it again through painful court processes, but because they're worried that the abuser will wind up listed as a registered sex offender, Oh and let's not forget 'he might not do it again.'
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