Sexual Abuse And Violence

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Rumor has it the ice cream man is a drug dealer!
I was only repeating what the older kids on the block had said.

I remember my oldest sister love to sew, I was seven and she made this beautiful dress. She didn’t even wash it, I just put on and went outside to play.

Now being only seven years old I had no clue what the word "drugs" meant.

"The older kids included my two sisters and a brother". I heard them talking about the ice cream man, and that he sold drugs out of his ice cream truck to the kids on the block, my sister was very mad so I knew it was something bad.

Later that day we all went home, my Dad was sitting on the couch and I went to him and told him about the ice cream man. He flew into a rage and started pounding me with his fists "I was a bad girl for repeating those words" why? Til this day I really don’t know. He didn’t like the smell of my newly made dress ( it reminded him of being in Japan). It took both of my sister’s to get him away from me, but not before he ripped my new dress that I loved so much.

When I think back now, many times he would rip clothes off my body. I remember one time he didn’t like a shirt I had on and I refused to change, I was 5 or 6..I went running to my room and he came after and just ripped it of me. I can’t help but wonder if he got some sort of sexual pleasure from this. Violence and sexual abuse went hand in hand with my father.

Many of us, me , Violet, have been subjected to violence and sexual abuse. So when the perverts at Boy chat /Girl chat call sexual abuse "love", I have a real problem with that, sexual abuse is never about love and it is always forced one way or another..
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