The painful truth

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OPRAH (Full Show) With Judy Cornetts Story
From AZUVioletLeaves & AZUBRD "Thrivers"

This video is a about a Mother’s pain and her son’s struggle to become whole and a thriver!
One thing is clear as you view this video she is a Mother on a mission. Judy also explains how her son has lived a life of pain and self harm because of what that monster did to this child.. Some as we know can never live a normal life, and his Mom has tried to help her son! The treatment this man needs now though costs tons of money. Now I ask you where is the money for these victims who need it so desperately? This child who became a man never wanted his life to become so hard and painful. But clearly it is! Boys who have been molested says many experts, will have a more difficult time thriving after being molested than women.
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