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Friday, January 25, 2008

Originally posted June 21, 2006 -- UPDATED

"I have eight children that said he did this"
said the mayor

Benjamin Rzadca AKA Dannywyatt
member of BoyChat
Repeat Sex Offender

Hate can always backfire
Posted by dannywyatt on 2006-June-21 16:28
In reply to Absolute Zero: The Evolution of a Hate Group posted by ILGO on 2006-June-21 15:48

I do my best to stay calm in the evolution of hatred by anti-ped fucks, but it is hard for me to deal with the truly ignorant even if I'm ignorant myself.

Here's a word for any vigilant (anti-ped) fuck out there...

You may think that you have everything on your side and that you have the advantage over us like a fuck would think.

But times a changin, right?

You make me the equivalent to a murderer then be forwarned there is nothing short of what your involving yourself in.

If your tired of pedophiles imposing themselves on you- deal with it- cause if you can't find a way to suck-it-the-fuck-up then your time will come in which you'll suffer like the little twerp you are.

I'm not a hater, but a hater of haters.

Again if you want to equate me to the likes of a murderer, rapist, terrorist, you name it then expect the same when I come to find your ass.

Now, you come looking for me or any other pedophile out there -young or old- then your dealing with all of us.

Fuck, having a bullet in your head isn't enough then maybe the real thing will help.

To all those who don't hate peace be with you and to those who do; I hope peace upon you, but that's up to you.

I ain't no threat to anyone, but only to those who deem me a threat. If you want me to be a threat then I can be a threat, but I'm trying to tell you that I ain't.

Take it or leave it,

A registered sex offender is behind bars for an alleged incident in a men's locker room. Florissant police say the man was trying to draw the attention of several young boys.

Benjamin Rzadca, 27, of Black Jack, faces felony charges for sexual misconduct involving a child.

Florissant Police Chief William Karabas said eight boys, ages nine through 11, along with two men, reported the incident. Karabas said witnesses reported seeing Rzadca inappropriately touching himself in the James J. Eagan Center locker room Jan. 13. The man did not say anything, witnesses said.

They boys had just returned to the locker room from swimming, Karabas said.

Florissant police later caught Rzadca a few blocks away.

"He did make some tacit admissions," Karabas said.

Karabas said he is unfamiliar with Rzadca's criminal history, but he did confirm the suspect is a registered sex offender.

"We have to use the presumption of not being found guilty," Mayor Robert Lowery said. "But nevertheless I have eight children that said he did this."
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