The Feds got Remsen! Bye-Bye Remsen

Friday, January 25, 2008

We previously talked about

Remsen McGinnis Benedict
, AKA Wolfman


We talked about how he was a school bus driver and a Boy Scout Leader.

And a pedophile.

Thanks to a tip from Remsen was investigated and charged with possession of child pornography last summer.

You can read his Wikisposure article HERE and be sure and check out some of his friends while you're there. It'll be a real eye opener.

As for me, I wonder what else he's been doing that hasn't yet been discovered. Remsen had previously stated that he meets his 'young friends' through scouting and frequently discusses how attracted he is to different boys on the school bus he drives.
"For me it is the prepube charature that attracts me. I like the small skinny figure with little or no hair. Their mind has an inocense to it."
It was especially nice to see this news story.

"A Novato school bus driver fighting child pornography charges in Marin was arrested at the county courthouse Wednesday on a federal warrant in a related case, authorities said.

Remsen McGinnis Benedict, 52, was arrested by the FBI outside the courtroom where he was scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing. Benedict was booked into Marin County Jail pending a federal court hearing Thursday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

Authorities said any federal indictments in the case would not be unsealed until Benedict appears in court on Thursday. Downloading or distributing child pornography over the Internet is a federal crime."

Benedict later admitted to police that he had downloaded more than 6,000 child porn photos and videos to his home computer, viewing the images during lunch breaks from work or while his wife was sleeping at night, according to court documents.

County prosecutors charged Benedict with 25 felony counts of possessing child pornography. He faces up to 19 years in prison if convicted of all the charges, the district attorney's office said.

Remsen is your typical pedophile. He claims to just love children, why he'd never hurt children.
I used to warn my yf that if pulled my beard, I would pull down his pants So he pulled my beard & I pulled down his pants. I think he like being pants because he would keep pulling my beard.
Who exactly are men like Remsen? We talked about that very thing HERE We asked that question, "Who are these men?" We've learned a lot from that, a lot. And we're learning more and more every single day. We've also learned that men who land on AZ searching for things they have no business searching for, are the same men as Remsen, and Jim Finn and John Hodgson. Here's some search terms some of these types of people use. WARNING, it IS offensive. But just think.....they wanted to SEE it. Somebody, a lot of somebodies was looking for these things.

Take a look

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And then, there's the guys who look for more specific things:

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Here Rob gave us an idea into the mind of a pedophile when he said in regards to a child porn bestiality video:
I read all of that as well and was appauled , that someone would abuse a Dog !!!
And HERE we see the rationalizations from pedophile enablers regarding punishment for men looking for these things I've listed above.

Absolute Zero Tolerance for those who exploit children and those who aid and abet them. That is our stand, it has always been our stand, it will always be our stand.

Absolute Zero United has taken a stand. We will not back down and our mission has not changed. Whether you are a bum off the street using your local library, a criminal in Nicaragua using an internet cafe, a lawyer, a doctor, a politician, a professor or heck a school bus driver...our stand is absolute zero tolerance, just in case anyone needs to be reminded.
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