Pro Pedophilia Jewelry... Not here

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A while back, I brought you some information straight from GirlChat, about how they were buying their pro pedophilia items from a store online, which was selling jewelry.

I've mentioned before that pedophile's have symbols which they use to promote their deviant sexual attractions towards children. You can view more on that, including the symbols and explanations of them here.
But there is one particular symbol that is of importance to this post, it's a heart within a heart. It is used by "girl lovers" or, as they are really known- pedophiles who prefer to use female victims in their heinous crimes.
The very reason I bring this up, while mentioning the jewelry is that it seems that there is a line of jewelry that is catering to those who like to molest/rape/abuse children.

As upsetting as it was to learn that they were having such an easy time in accessing items that supported their deviant lifestyles, I'm now over joyed to share with you that this is no longer possible- at least not from the store in question.

Yesterday I received, and got permission to publish today, an email regarding that post- and I wanted very much to share it with you:

As an affiliate and voice of Ellis Jewelers I would like to state that neither Ellis Jewelers as a company nor any of its staff were aware that there were any connections with or implications behind any of the jewelry that we sell and pedophilia. We in no way endorse or approve of such actions as those implied by the symbol in question. We have removed all of these pieces from our product selection and are expressing our concerns to the manufacturer.

Ellis Jewelers in no way caters to or condones the actions of anyone participating in acts of pedophilia.

Any further questions or concerns may be forwarded to Tim Hiatt at:

Tim Hiatt

General Manager,
Ellis Jewelers

It is truly enlightening to see a business willing to stand up with morals against such a disgusting group of individuals. And, because of this- I have to say that I'd hope you would be willing to share your appreciation of their efforts by supporting this business.
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