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Monday, April 28, 2008

There's an extremely stupid pedophile you may know by the name of Emovocals. He's pro adult/child sex. He promotes the abolishment of age of consent laws. He also has a very dangerous profession....for a pedophile. You see Donald Shepherd is a nanny. Yes, a live in nanny.

I'm not quite sure if Donald prefers boys or girls. But I am quite sure that he likes them both. He talks on GirlChat about liking little girls but not women. On BoyChat he talks about liking little boys. And on Men4SexNow dot com he advertised for a man. Specifically a date for his 21st birthday on 9/11. He gave his stats, size, weight,penis size (poor Donald), the fact that he's a cross-dresser and posts a nice pic too.
In Multiple paraphiliac diagnoses among sex offenders Gene Abel shows that the pedophile with multiple paraphilias, poses a greater risk to society. For example a person with exhibitionism but no other deviances has less chance of committing a crime than an exhibitionist who is also a voyeur who in turn poses less risk than an exhibitionist cross-dressing voyeur with pedophilia. ETC

Iluv2surf was responsible for outting Donald Shepherd aka Emovocals. Read full story HERE. Now Donald has discovered that his real name...his outting shows up high in a google search and number one as a search for Emovocals. Let's help him move on up the list shall we?

Donald Shepherd went to the pedo chats and asked to cancel his membership. He requested that all his old comments be deleted. BoyChat says it can't be done but deletes his request. GirlChat says it can't be done but discusses it with him.

Todd Nickerson:
I suspected you were heading in a dangerous direction the last time we spoke on the phone, but it was my understanding that you were getting help
You have been very careless with alot of things in the past Emo, especially your own personal security and safety...but, that's kind of moot now.
My advice to you on your current situation is to flat-out deny that the pedophile "Donald Shepherd" is you.
I discovered that my legal name is linked GC and BC, and being a Nanny I can't have that. That and that fuck with his forum and my Name being all over it. With pictures and all that. Fucked me over big time. All one has to do is Type my name in a Google search and that's the first thing that pops up. I am fucked big time. There is nothing I can do really.

I don't know how many families would actually do that, but if they do. They will find out that I am a pedophile. How would I denie such a thing. Tell them I was just acting or something?
Febri-chan gets righteous:
why would anyone deny being a paedophile?
I don't understand, are you trying to say that being a paedophile is something to be denied???
Which is really strange since the entire pedophile community talks incessantly about the dangers of coming out of the toybox. What's even stranger is what he's told when he worries about being able to get another job as a live-in nanny.

all you need do is tell them that that sort of questioning is not permissible in interviews for employment.

It's illegal for them to ask whether you're straight, gay, ped, or bi
This is pretty simple. Our children are in our care, until such time as they are able to adequately care for which time you freaks wouldn't be interested in them anymore anyway. Those parents have a right to know who they are trusting to care for their children.

Febri-chan continues:
The misopaedes are cowards and seldom take any direct action.... If they did, we may actually have a chance at dialogue, but because they are deathly afraid of what we stand for(and most of all, terrified of the voracious truth which is on our side), and know that our rationality and clear-headedness will always conquer their paranoia and prejudice, they will not risk any sort of real debate with us.
Clearheaded. Rational. Ok. I thought this might be a good time to think about what an Anti/Pedo debate looks like.

Pedofreak: Pedophiles DO NOT molest children. Pedophiles LOVE children. Ken Lanning of the FBI says 90% of molestations are committed by non-pedos.

Anti: Well, actually Mr. Pedohead, Ken Lanning did NOT say that. He said it was important to know which type of pedophile you were dealing with so you would know where to find his other victims.

Pedofreak: Runs away to BC or GC screaming "You just can't debate an anti!!!"
And as for Emovocals, he returned to BoyChat as JonnyXO and told everyone:
Have I got a secret to tell....It's me E M O--- YOu know who. I had to create another nick to get rid of emo. So now ya know.
Yep now we know. Donald Shepherd, live-in nanny, pedophile: GirlLover, BoyLover, cross-dresser, indiscriminately advertises for sex on the internet and goes by the names Emovocals, JonnyXO, Allison, Doodle, Sunrise25, Philosophy and Kyva. We just want to help you move on up in your Google search position. And hopefully warn any future parents you try to deceive.
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