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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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April 25. Alice Day. A day created by heterosexual pedophiles to celebrate the abuse and exploitation of little girls. So named for Alice Liddell who inspired Lewis Carroll's monumental work Alice In Wonderland in 1862. It was a story Carroll created for Alice while rowing her and her sisters in a rowboat.

The innuendo child molesters drew from this: Carroll had to be a pedophile! Alice must've been the object of his desire! She belongs to us! No man could tell a child a story simply to entertain her, NO that's not possible!

Of course, the fact that Carroll photographed Alice only compounds the pedophile delusions.

What they don't want you to know however is the most important part of the Carroll/Liddell story. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Fact: It is a myth that Alice was Carroll's "favorite" photographic model. There is no evidence of this.
  • Fact: Carroll often entertained women in his rooms at the University....some were married. This was against every social standard and many would be damaged if this information came to light.
  • Fact: Carroll's heirs purposefully promulgated the myth of Carroll as the blundering social misfit who was not comfortable around adults. They could not afford for the truth to come to light so they destroyed the entries in his diary that would've explained Carroll's split with the Liddell family.
  • Fact: In the late 1800's in England, adoration of children did not raise eyebrows. Entertaining married women in private quarters and owning a collection of adult porn when you're a Reverend did.
  • Fact: There is no evidence that Carroll felt anything stronger than friendship for Alice. Repeat: NO evidence that Carroll was a pedophile in general or that he had feelings for Alice specifically.
  • Fact: ALL evidence suggests that Carroll was actually just a normal person and the myth that he was a pedophile is the means the family used to hide the deep, dark family secret.....that Carroll was an adulterer at worst.
  • Fact: Carroll took Alice's older brother Harry out on the same rowboat years before Alice. This was not a romantic encounter but something Carroll had been doing to entertain the Liddell family for years before he ever took Alice.
The family hid his secrets hoping to protect his reputation. Unfortunately they unwittingly played into the hands of an even more sinister gang than British aristocracy - pedophiles.

Indeed if all available evidence is considered in context then this day to celebrate the love of Carroll's would more aptly be named Lorina Day for Alice's mother.

Of course fans and scholars alike have recognized that there is no evidence Carroll was a pedophile. But there's always a *certain* kind of person who will just never get it.

The myth that Carroll was a pedophile is only that - a myth. So much so that it even has a name (The Carroll Myth). Google the phrase, examine the evidence and decide for yourself.

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