Basking in the Radiance of Madness

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Demosthenes AKA Jacob Detring was once one of the loudest, most aggressive and radical voices at GirlChat...until he started making enemies from his own "brothers and sisters"- as he referred to them.

I admit it's rather nice to tick off the names of some of those on my personal top ten list of filthy pedophiles. It makes me happy. It makes me smile. But I'll smile even bigger when the other 7 are revealed. Can you guess who they are? MY list may not match your list. I guess we all have different reasons, eh?

* Winston Smith
* Dylan Thomas
* Demosthenes

Jacob was so easy to despise. From his history of making scathing flames directed at his own, to the scathing flames directed at us, to his support for giving drugs to little girls to prevent them from going through puberty, to his frequent puffed-up diatribes, support for child pornography and calls for Revolution - Demosthenes was impossible to ignore.

Who could forget this?
"Shame? I am very proud of who and what I am."

"I make no excuses or apologies, nor do I hold back."

"Most of my life, the one thing that I always seemed to have going for me when nothing else did was my linguistic ability, my ability to dance and play with written (and sometimes spoken) word. Being my, to me, singularly most outstanding gift, I worked and honed it until it could also be my most potent weapon."

"Violence and force can spurn people to a desired action, but words can make those same people to take the ideal behind that action into their heart and make it their own. As has been said many times throughout history, words are power.. and I very much enjoy being powerful."
Of course he also said this:
"modelling pictures are legal, and "feeling up" your LGF may not be but if it is desired and accepted by her then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. We all know this, whether we dance around the "brake no law" stance or not"
"We are all that stands between children and a world where innocence of any kind can not exist. Yes, innocence can thrive when we are involved with a child, even when that involvement becomes sexual. We are children's last hope, and they are our salvation"
"You want to know how I overcame some of those obstacles that are dominating your psyche? I did it by letting sanity go and basking in the radiance of madness. Sanity is an illusion."
Jacob Detring believed that children needed to be taught about sex - by having sex with adults, otherwise they would become dysfunctional adolescents, then dysfunctional adults. Like him.

He thought people would believe him when he said:
"My only goal in all of this is to create the system that allows children to flourish and meet their potential. I don't care about getting anything for myself. I'm for the complete sexual liberation of youth, as well, but I don't have any personal gain in mind with it."
After he had said this:
"Trust me.. you don't get away with it and people don't find it cute. The mother of a girlfriend that I did have like that at that age threatened to call the police on me if I didn't stay away from her daughter"
He wanted to be a leader:
"They have agendas, but their battle plan is one of histrionics and fear. Our battle plan would have to be such that they didn't see the effects of it until it were too late for them to do anything about it.

They want someone to label as the leader? I'll take the honor. I'm arrogant enough to enjoy the thought of my name being the one that they curse when the day comes that they realize that they lost their war before it was started. They are so foolish that they don't even take into consideration that in our numbers are some of the most intelligent people in the world.

One does what one must. I have existed in obscurity and shadow my entire life, but I've always known what it would come to if anything were to change. Do I want to be the leader? Desire has little to do with it, as I don't pray for that sort of responsibility. The issue is what one is willing to do. A leader is required for a movement to exist, as such, I will do what I must. I have spent my life existing but not living, and if my life is the required payment for the the world to change, then so be it. Death is something that I have never been afraid of.. living has.

As I have said before, the win against them must be sudden and it must be decisive. We can not fight to merely win the first battle, we must make the first battle the only one by winning so completely that there no chance of the next one."
Jacob abandoned the war and scurried away before attending the first battle. Outwitted I suppose you could say. Or perhaps he just found himself under a boot. Yes, it really was just that simple after all.
"In the end, there is something that I feel for the antis stronger than hate. The strongest feeling that I hold toward those people is pity.

I pity them because they are varelse, and they will never be able to understand the joy that we feel. They will never be able to love children as we do......But that pity will not save them from me when the time comes for me to stand and take the inevitable war to them.

They war against us now and stand basking in their small victories, but they can not conceive of the day approaching when their time will be over and the world will no longer have a place for them. Their hypocritical and disgusting cry is "protect the children", ours will be simply "For the Children!".
"Protect children" is a disgusting cry? Only someone whose sole motivation is sexual pleasure at the expense of an innocent child could say such a thing. "For the children" is pedospeak for "I'm molesting kids for their own good"

But, thanks to Wikisposure's boot perhaps we've now heard the last of Jacob's nauseating pontificating pomposity. When all is said and done he's really no more than what he said he was ..... Jacob Detring is "Pedo by Design"

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