The Pizza Dude Cometh

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meet Kendall Charles Doud

aka KiZnEn

aka The Dark Prince

Well, he uses lots of names actually. Most of them are too nasty to repeat.

He's a pedophile who likes little boys 8 to 12 years old.

He's a pedophile who followed a little boy to another state when his family moved.

He's a pedophile who delivers pizza and keeps an eye out for any little boys who may be there.

He's a pedophile who once said:
For over two years now, I have been downloading KP and storing it on disks. I had been considering quitting again for a while. I knew I had to soon. The living in fear, the paranoia, the guilt and the shame were just not worth it anymore. I figured last week I was going to quit. This weekend I went through and separated all of the legal pictures from the pornographic ones. I resolved to myself that I was going to get rid of the porn but I was not sure when.

Then, the "operation candyman" story broke and that gave me the added motivation, (fear), I needed to get rid of the porn. I broke all of the disks and threw them away. I canceled my subscription to and Then, last night, just to be safe, I reformatted my HD. I am going to stay clean of it this time. I have to. I can't go back to downloading.
But he also said this:
He was seven and a half. He was so tiny and I'm usually not attracted to children as small as he was at the time but he was just so god damned much cuter than most other children. He was sitting in my lap and was kind of cuddling against me. I had my arms around him, holding him. He was so warm and soft. I could have held him forever. That moment only lasted a few minutes but in those few minutes my heart had welled up with that warm, fuzzy feeling until it was just about to burst. I remember just looking down at him and thinking, "Shit, I'm falling in love with this little kid. I didn't think it would happen this early." Ever since then I've been head-over-heels for him.
Now considering that I've never before mentioned his name, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out why he's got it in for me so badly. Well, me and Static that is.

So I'll just say this to The Dark Prince:


Before it's too late.
"It's times like this that I want to look skyward and yell, "Why god? Why have you cursed me with being a pedophile??? Just what the hell did I do to deserve this"?

I know that I am a sick piece of shit and I know that the pain I feel is mostly all my fault. However, if I had no little boys in my life I would feel pain at their absence, so I can't really win can I?

Just part of being a sick piece of shit, I guess."
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