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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alia Loren Jacobson

Her website describes her this way:

"As the recently crowned Princess of the Night, Alia is intrigued by beauty found within the macabre, and intends to show a generation of gothlings just how intensely exquisite the darkness within the soul can be."

What's the first thing people think when they see her I wonder.

Take that thought, whatever it might be and add the fact that she's a pedophile and attracted to prepubescent little girls. And sometimes boys. Never adults.

Add to that her interest in necrophilia. The interest she says she tries to keep suppressed.

Ready? Now add the fact that unlike the other pedophiles she doesn't even try to disguise herself as a "girl lover" - No she says it straight out -
"i'm not even sure if i can truly consider myself to be a girllover--after all, most of my fantasies are purely physical and include hurting little girls. there is no way that can be considered girllove."
Does this concern you?

When Alia was in college she confessed her desires to a friend. This friend reported Alia and she was forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Alia's parents told her not to "tell too much" and shortly Alia returned to GirlChat to say she had been deemed "not dangerous to children" but admitted that they don't really know the full extent of her deranged views.

I'd like to consider for a moment what WE - we meaning people who don't want to have sex with children - we who don't want to make children scream - would do, what would we say to someone like this? Someone who wasn't a stranger but a long-time member of the group? What if they said this to you
"Sometimes when i'm walking and i see someone boy or girl who i think is beautiful the first thing that comes through my mind is how erotic it would be to hurt them....."
So? What would you say? What would you do? Let's look at what GirlChat members said to her. She's been there for EIGHT years, I'd be guessing that her desire isn't going away anytime soon wouldn't you? This is how the "Girl lovers" aka child haters responded when Alia said:
What am I? Where should I go? Help me!

I don’t know how to transfer my desire to strangle into a desire to cuddle
You can talk to me

I think we might have similar feelings
I strongly advise against 'professional help' as being completely useless for any problems you might have. If you tell a shrink you're attracted to girls, you're already doomed, even without mentioning violent fantasies. I don't see the point in throwing your life away

So, where should you go? I suggest Girl Chat Chat.
fantasies are just a way to let off steam for your inner frustrations. However, I don't think it's particularly healthy to NEVER think about cuddling and gentle imagery and to ALWAYS think about abusive behavior in your fantasies. A healthy dosage of both is better than just one type of fantasizing exclusively, IMO

You seem like a pleasant enough person, Poison
What I would guess is that you've never actually been able to have a close relationship with a LG. If you did, I strongly suspect that you would find the comfort you're seeking in the warm, soft, comforting arms of a LG. If you had the opportunity to really be with a girl, you would find that violence is the furthest thing from your mind.
Wait a minute, you have a vagina!
Rape away, then! People will be thanking you for it.
Blue Heaven:
Accept the problem and let it go, but don't encourage it, and don't deny it. Just let it be. If you're a good person otherwise, then hold true to that.
i refuse to blame sex offenders that actually kidnap a child and do something about it

Whatever happens is the pedophobes' fault.

For example, the person that technically did it should receive one year in prison while the pedophobic therapists and their accomplices in society should be slowly beaten to death. They are child killers, pulling the strings from a good distance while we erreneously focus, with a perspective that is far too small, on the single person that has his strings pulled.
Yes, the Antis are responsible for creating the monsters that they hate, but those monsters still have free will.

I will concede, however, that if all the Antis died, there be virtually no crimes against children anymore.
As long as you seperate fantasy from reality and maintain your self-control you should have no problem. Or maybe if you feel its best just stay away from little girls. Or (if you live in the USA) you could masturbate to violent lolicon. To sexually relieve yourself.
THAT is the truth about GirlChat. Their entire existence is nothing more than denial, rationalizations and LIES. They lie to society, they lie to the Anti's, they lie to each other and they lie to themselves. They HAVE to, the truth might make them scream.

Knowing how they fed into the disturbed and demented mind of Alia Jacobson, I wonder what they would say if she did what Melissa Huckaby did? I don't think that is too far-fetched of a question to ask, especially when they've been wondering if Melissa could possibly be a member of one of their pedo-sites. Hopefully we'll never have to discover that answer considering they won't discuss their own members who commit crimes and go to prison for life. However, we CAN see what they had to say about the woman accused of sexually assaulting and murdering Sandra Cantu.

Trucker refers to Melissa Huckaby:
I feel more pity for her than sweet little Sandra; at least Sandra's in LG heaven while the rest of the world has to fight through this hellish life.

I hope the antis are damn skippy over the atmosphere they created. If there was more understanding than hating maybe Sandra would still be alive.
Iron Marxist:
If she was a member of the MAA community then she has even less of an excuse for doing what she did because that would mean that she felt love for little girls. Maybe she was constantly told all her life that she was an evil monster who was destined to hurt kids and she finally broke under the pressure.

But when any one of us allows society to break us and does something stupid and savagely cruel, not only does an innocent child and her family suffer but so does the entire MAA community. I just hope that when Sandra's Law is passed we don't end up losing forums like GC, because these forums help to prevent any of us from acting out in negative ways.
You really want to know who killed Sandra Cantu? I'll tell you. It was you, I, and everyone else who has ever turned an unseeing eye or an uncaring heart to another's plight (or our own, for that matter.) Anyone who has taken profit from another's suffering, whether direct or not. Those among us who watch the darkness descending, who cry out for the dying of the light, yet, can't seem to break out of our molds enough to say "Enough is enough." We did it. We killed that little girl, as surely as if we had been standing there. And only by taking responsibility for all of this, can we ever hope to change ANY of it.
I don't care if I get heat for this but I can't stand how the U.S. just coddles and overprotects children just to keep them "innocent."

So a suspect in Sandra Cantu's murder has been caught. Notice how quickly the police got someone, not because a person was murdered, but because a "sweet, innocent little girl" was murdered. Is the concept of innocence worth the price of depriving possibly innocent people of freedom and riling paranoia?

Are children so helpless and ignorant that they must be given special attention whenever one gets killed every two years?

Until this bogus "innocence" stigma is done away with and children are seen as equals with adults, we will never be one unified people.
That's the brand of distorted crap Alia has heard for eight years. Alia, a woman fighting urges to "kill and rape and maim" receiving responses that
  • it's just OCD
  • it's normal to think that way
  • she's really a nice person
  • hold true to herself
  • find violent lolicon to further feed the fantasies
  • find a little girl to love
But if she does act out and hurts a child........then it's the fault of people who don't want her to molest their children.

So I ask you - if it were legal for adults to have sex with children, what do you think Alia Loren Jacobson would do?
"....I guess i have always sympathized too much with people who commit horrendous crimes because every so often i myself have to sit down and solemnly swear to myself that i will never murder anyone."
GirlChat 2003
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