"My declaration of permanent WAR"

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Terrence J. White

Much hope and attention has been placed on Terrence J. White a registered sex offender who is suing the Attorney General of Georgia along with every District Attorney in the state.

He believes that the new law requiring him to register his internet identifiers is unconstitutional.

We believe he is a perfect example of why the law was created in the first place.

He stated in his lawsuit that he'd had one sex offense conviction. He signed it under "penalty of perjury".

He stated elsewhere that he had two convictions. Both of which he minimized off-handedly
Convicted in 1989 of one count of "Enticing a Child for Indecent Purposes" (Simply saying the wrong words to an underage person).

Convicted in 1990 of two counts of "Sending and Receiving Child Pornography through the U.S. Mail" (a "victimless" crime).
In fact Terrence says that he was "a victim of my own desires" and has written extensively regarding his belief that society will eventually have to accept men having sex with boys.
The time needs to come, when (as I've said elsewhere) pederasty will be perceived by the mainstream as an aid or enhancement toward developing and encouraging 'masculinity'
Not only is society wrong to make it illegal but he even uses religion to try and justify it
Jesus refused--by all the evidence--to condemn pederasty (or 'boy-love')

Jesus apparently never was worried about any of these other matters that we mere childish humans keep on making such a horrified fuss about.
He makes his mission clear:
I believe I know what sort of reaction my work will arouse in most Americans. And it is truly my declaration of permanent WAR against them and any sort of fearful, dogmatic, closed-mindedness. My work is an attempt to provoke exactly where fundamentalist Americans most fear and loathe being challenged.

Another of the precise aims of my body of work has been just this: to attempt to "reattune individuals to a forgotten [or neglected] archetype," specifically, that of the "beautiful boy," androgyne, or PUER AETERNUS.
He believes himself to be on some lofty plain of existence far above the comprehension of this mere mediocre society that he mocks and jeers at.
I am so FAR above their poor abilities to fathom or comprehend! Yet, how incredibly lonely it is, up here on this towering peak on which I sit, staring down below at the far-removed world. How cold, how silent, how icily destitute it is up here!
He's predatory and flagrantly wrote about trying to convince someone to have sex with him when it was clear they were heterosexual
The human mind that has been lulled to sleep by conformity and majority opinions, must, my boy, MUST be literally SHOCKED BACK INTO A STATE OF WAKEFULNESS. It is the only way (for most people).

How is this shock back into mental wakefulness best accomplished?

Allowing oneself to freely experience sexuality--especially forms of sexuality which go against the usual rules of society; and two, deliberately allowing oneself to experience things which repulse or frighten oneself.

Also you have--and this is extreme--necrophagia, the eating of dead bodies. ... In certain American Indian cultures of the Southwest, one of the initiations to the clown category ... involves actually eating dog shit. The most repulsive has to be accepted as also Brahman [i.e., as a part of 'God']."

In other words, the 'Divine' exists everywhere--even in a piece of dog shit (however repulsive or blasphemous an idea that may be to most people). But it is not necessary for you or I to actually EAT it, or even to partake of dead bodies, in order to realize that fact; nor is it neccessary for us to do this in order to free our minds, either. Other means exist--such as (as mentioned above) "nudism, sexual freedom, group sexuality, adultery, ... incest ..." And HOMOSEXUALITY.

Are you repulsed by the idea of having sex with another man? Then this is a pathway that is excellent for helping to free your mind from society's 'shackles' of mental conformity.
Wow pretty deep crap you got there Terrence. We'll leave you with some of his magnificent poetry. You know, the kind that's so far above our ability to fathom or comprehend.
A glimpse of boyish hips will please

The man, whose thick, enlarging pole

Frightens the boy, who surely sees

What fate awaits his virgin hole.

T.J. White

21 December, 2006
You can find Terrence these days over at Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign. These people stick together like glue you know. Yep, they've got his back and are raising money for his lawsuit.

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