Heartless Bastards!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From the mouth of Zman!

"This was not good before, and by forcing a woman to live there is asking for problems. Is the state going to be blamed if she is raped by someone? I doubt it, but they are the HEARTLESS BASTARDS that are doing this. WHERE ARE THE HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS? Hell, do they even exist anymore? So what's next? Are you going to also be sending child sex offenders to live under the bridge as well?"

I was under the impression from reading that article that she was offered a place to stay and didn't have to go under the bridge. She's a sex offender who TWICE failed to follow registration laws and now refuses to go anywhere else to stay because it doesn't "suit her". While I don't particularly care to have sex offenders living under a bridge I can't help but wonder why Zman would be worried that she would be raped living with all those other sex offenders but he can't grasp why parents would be concerned about them living next door to their children.

Maybe it's his "thinking disorder" that's at fault. He claims sex offenders are judged guilty before being tried and you can't believe the media because they lie. He also claims:
Well, that is the problem, the media has force fed you lies, so has the media, John Walsh (who is an admitted sex addict), Mark Lunsford (who had child porn on his machine when Jessica went missing, and his son has since been busted for molesting a child, but walked free), and politicians. The sheeple believe anything that is force fed to them, even if it's a lie.
Shut the hell up Mark! You were out of the house at some skanks house that night instead of taking care of Jessica like a REAL father would do. I wish someone one look into the child porn you had on your machine, and put you in prison where you belong
Maybe they should read this article, which shows CHILD PORN was on Mark Lunsfords machine when Jessica went missing. It seems everyone is trying to bury that, but, I won't let it be buried.
We need to stop letting rage filled idiots like John Walsh, Mark Lunsford or Marc Klass make laws. People not thinking clearly created idiotic laws, that has been proven by history.
Seemingly oblivious to the fact that none of those men MADE laws. They didn't sign them into effect, they didn't vote them into effect, they didn't enact any laws. They merely lobbied for their beliefs. The same way this idiot with a big mouth does.
John Couey constantly asked for help! Did he ever receive it? No, why not? If you would've got him treatment a long time ago when he asked for it, Jessica would still be here.
Seemingly obvious to the fact that Mark Lunsford didn't even know John Couey before he abducted, raped and buried his daughter alive.
This man is another John Walsh who is, IMO, exploiting his daughters death for fame and money. He was nothing before all this occurred. It's about torturing as many people as possible, when you need to accept some blame as well for leaving your daughter at home that night while you went out to a bar/girl friends home, AND LEFT THE DOORS UNLOCKED!!!
Seemingly oblivious to the fact that Jessica was not left alone and it is not uncommon for a single man to leave his child with her grandparents while he stays at his girlfriends.
Because those people are not informed, and will believe anything this idiot says. But, you have to question his motives, and also what about the child porn he had when Jessica went missing?
If this is about accountability, then why don't they further investigate the child porn Mark had on his machine when Jessica went missing? Mark is trying to be another John Walsh and exploit his daughters death to make some quick easy money, IMO.
And why hasn't anybody brought up the issue that Mark had CHILD PORN on his machine when they checked it, yet it magically vanished?
There was also child porn on his machine when Jessica went missing, which magically vanished. Why was he not investigated for that?
Your whole family is a basket case!! You are just looking for a scapegoat to blame, when you are responsible for taking care of your children, not the police.
But the strangest one of all:
Why must people always find a SCAPEGOAT to blame instead of taking responsibility for their negligence and irresponsibility? Why? STOP PUSHING THE BLAME OFF TO OTHER PEOPLE FOR YOUR STUPIDITY!
Zman the king of blame gaming accusing other people of scapegoating? Now those are but a few of the examples, I could point you to well over 500 instances where he has said things like this. It is now rampant amongst the blame-gaming sex offender activists who no longer report it as "once there was a news story that said this" no, now it has become a cold hard 'FACTOID'.
A statement of presumed fact that people believe to be true because they hear it repeated over and over
And yet, way back when......Zman knew that it wasn't true.

Dear Mr. Gelman,

This is to confirm my prior representations to you that Mr. Lunsford's computer was seized from his home at the time of the disappearance as part of a routine investigation. The computer was examined by the Citrus County Sheriff's Office. They found no evidence of possession of child pornography on the computer. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Richard D. Ridgway
Assistant State Attorney
Zman has known all along that what he was saying wasn't true, it just suited his purposes to say otherwise. He prefers to point at and blame other people for his predicament rather than himself. In fact, he just doesn't know WHO to blame, he just knows it's someone else not him. Never him. I guess everything that has befallen him is all the fault of the evil vigilante bloggers. Like perhaps Stitches who went to SOA and said "People can relate to Walsh and Lunsford, don't attack them or people will hate you for it" and was subsequently attacked for telling the truth. So then how would you explain this?

This is how you solve problems, all sides should get together, and as adults, talk about all the issues, good and bad, and help solve the problem, instead of passing blame from one side to the other. Maybe when Perverted-Justice, AbsoluteZeroUnited and others see this, then we can help solve the sexual abuse issues.

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Title: Ep. 8: Barriers to ReFORM Featuring "Valigator"
You can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Valerie told you the same thing regarding the nasty things all the blame gamers say about Walsh and Lunsford. And of course you can correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that SHE is one of the people trying to force sex offenders out of neighborhoods and under the Bridge. Perhaps you talked to the wrong person after all Zman? Oh and by the way, you left the background out of your "heartless bastards" graphic. No worries, I fixed it for you.

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