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Friday, March 06, 2009

"On December 2, 1978, Tom Reeves of the Boston-Boise Committee convened a meeting called "Man/Boy Love and the Age of Consent." Approximately 150 interested people attended. At the meeting's conclusion, about thirty men and youths decided to form an organization which they called the North American Man/Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA for short."

Bill Andriette in The Guide, the Nambla Bulletin and IPCE - or 'International Pedophile and Child Emancipation' all report that Paul Shanley was not at the meeting that spawned Nambla.

In fact, many pedophiles report that Shanley wasn't there. And yet, Bill Andriette says he was at the meeting on December 2, 1978. And Daniel Tsang reported the December 2, 1978 meeting is the one that spawned Nambla.

Bruce Steele says he's not sure which meeting Shanley attended but it wasn't THAT one. He says Shanley didn't promote pedophilia just simply the liberation of children.
And it was [that] group of people, including Daniel Tsang, who were the founders of NAMBLA. Shanley didn't attend that side meeting.

We don't know whether he was quoted accurately; we do know the article was written by Daniel Tsang, who was a proponent of intergenerational sex. The quotes were shocking, but he wasn't advocating the molestation of children.
Let's look at what he said. Along with a few other familiar names that were in attendance.
[Speech by Father Paul Shanley to the Psychological Panel at the Boston/Boise Committee conference on "Legal, Psychological, and Ethical Issues of Intergenerational Relationships," Community Church, Boston, December 2, 1978]
Dr. Richard Pillard: Organizer - Reform Sex Offender Law Campaign
"Just to keep there from being too much agreement on this panel, let me ask a devil's advocate question. Children are naturally obliging and want to do what older people expect of them. How can you keep a child from feeling exploited, or from being exploited, by an older person, particularly if he's quite young?"
Paul Shanley: Convicted child molester
"Just two brief reflections. Very often I find it's the man who is being exploited by the boy, and sometimes I think we have to help adult males to learn how to handle that situation. I think it was mentioned before that many kids in fact, most kids are very capable of handling themselves and they don't get exploited as often as we would like to think."
Paul Shanley: Defrocked priest
"That word exploitative has been used. I would like to define that as using without caring. That's my understanding of "exploitative" sex. I think a lot of straight sex is exploitative. I think a lot of sex between parents is exploitative. And I think an awful lot of parents are predators. But whatever criteria you arrive at in deciding what sex between men and boys is exploitative, I think you could balance that against parents. You know, you can't abolish parenthood, and neither should you abolish man-boy sex simply because it might not live up to the highest ideal."
Tom Reeves: Pedophile Activist
"They are teachers and boy scout leaders and boys' clubs leaders!" he shouted pounding the podium with both hands. "The men who work with boys **** many of them, and thus obviously can be used against everybody but I think we have to say
it - the motivation behind that work (has) a sexual and erotic element."
David Thorstad: Nambla Steering Committee
Said he was retracting his earlier statement.... that he was not a pederast. "I am very happy to say that over the summer that has changed and it wasn't due to my own initiative either. But just as it is with many men, I was seduced and picked up by a boy and I'm very glad he did it."
David Thorstad, founding member of Nambla. His free speech rights to promote baby raping were defended by John Reinstein (we spoke of here), of the ACLU - after a Nambla member raped and murdered Jeffrey Curley in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1997 after reading Nambla material. A few of the other men named in the lawsuit include Tom Reeves, Joe Power, Roy Radow, Tecumseh Brown, Bill Andriette, Jonathon Tampico, Chris Farrell, Dennis Bejin, Robert Rhodes, Peter Melzer, Rennato Corazza, Chuck Dodson and Leland Stevenson.

Richard Hoffman says:
"NAMBLA claims that it has never advocated violence. Their denial, however, relies on an overly narrow definition. The cognitive and emotional violence done to a child's psyche has consequences more lasting than the tearing of bodily tissue. To a child, an adult's wiles can be more coercive than muscular force."
David Thorstad said:
"To be an active pederast in the United States today is like being a Jew in Nazi Germany. The United States is becoming - perhaps already has become - a police state. "

- pederast -

A man who engages in anal intercourse with boys.

Dr. Judith Reisman:
It seems to me that just as we face the reality of a coterie of closet pederast priests and even bishops we need to face the reality of a coterie of closet pederast therapists and even psychiatrists. For example, the Chairperson of the Department of Psychiatry at Boston University Hospital, Dr. Richard Pillard attended the nascent North American Man-Boy-Love Association (NAMBLA) conference on "Man-Boy-Love."

Pillard, famous for his twin study that claimed to prove a genetic basis for homosexuality, urged his fellow NAMBLAlike delegates to welcome pederasty since, said Pillard, "Men and boys who love each other are engaging in a social experiment."
I could list criminal records of various Nambla members, including the defrocked and convicted priest Paul Shanley - crimes committed by men who claim to just love children and who don't believe it should be a crime to exploit and abuse a child for their own selfish twisted desires. But that would take too long. Instead I'll focus on Leland Stevenson who was released from prison in 1989 for a child pornography conviction, appeared in the ChickenHawk Nambla documentary in 1994 and was then convicted again in 1997 in Florida for possession of child pornography which included pictures of boys aged 8 to 10 years old.

It appears that they LIE when they say they "only" like teenagers. And it appears that they LIE when they say they aren't actually active. Who in their right mind would have believed that in the first place?

Leland Stevenson:
Dear Mr. Love,

At its 16th membership conference, held in Chicago, August 7-9-1992, the North American Man/Boy Love Association unanimously adopted the following resolution:

“NAMBLA calls on the Boy Scouts of America to cease its discrimination against openly gay or lesbian persons in the appointment of its scout masters. This will permit scouts to be exposed to a variety of life styles and will permit more of those individuals who genuinely wish to serve boys to do so.”

I feel especially honored to have been asked to alert you of this resolution...I have also been a scout and a scout leader and share with so many in NAMBLA affection for the movement. We recognize, of course, that the action for which we call is inevitable. What a great added contribution your organization will make possible to all the boys and girls who participate in it when you take this step. May it be taken in the near future.

We share a common mission — to bring greater understanding and light and purpose to the young as they grow. We invite you to join with us in cherishing individual integrity, and in seeking the opportunity for every boy and girl in our country to find their own truth. We encourage you to help every person associated with your organization to be able to express those values from themselves which to them represent for themselves the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. As we work together toward these ends Light will guide our way. We express these sentiments most respectfully,

Very Cordially,
Leland Stevenson
Co-Recording Secretary, NAMBLA
(NAMBLA Bulletin, November 1992)

Tom Reeves:
"(1)The North American Man/Boy Love Association calls for the abolition of age-of-consent and all other laws which prevent men and boys from freely enjoying their bodies. (2) We call for the release of all men and boys imprisoned by such laws."
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