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Friday, March 20, 2009

"What war? Well the war inside of every human being of course. It sounds so cliche, doesn’t it? Like no one has heard that phrase before."

So speaks William Adamson aka Crysta aka Crysta-Shard a former member of the defunct Butterfly Kisses, long time member of BoyChat and a prolific blogger.

William is a registered sex offender who likes little boys and little girls too. In fact it appears he'll try anything including disguising himself as a female pedophile and threatening to crash gay rights parades and force them to advocate for child molesters. He's obsessed with the topic of incest and claims to have started having "consensual" sex at the age of 7.
"First of all. I am a woman. Second, I am a pedophile i like boys and girls ages 7-16. Third, i have been with with both boys and girls as YFs and in some other ways. And finally fourth: listen up my phallis attatched friends, this is your wake up call.

I also want the BL community to just stop BSing themselves, and perhaps the world. Lets just face it folks, we want to fuck minors! YEAH! I said it, we want to have sexual intercourse with boys and girls, some as young as 4 yrs old! Yet i constantly read these posts on Boychat and other pedo-groups where we talk about the "beauty of boys", or of "our/my "love" for boys. This is a form of denial to me."
William may be a chronic liar but there's one thing he's consistent about and that's his desire to have sex with children, to abolish age of consent laws and to find him a husband so he can be a good wife to one man and they can reproduce and both have sex with their children.
I’ll say this much, I’d rather fuck my kid then have anyone else do it. Because i feel i would take my child’s feelings and needs into account
William doesn't like being a registered sex offender, he doesn't like the fact that his neighbors and other family members can find out about him even while posting continuously about his lust for small children in his life, including family members, the friends of family members and the family members of friends.
I've never molested, raped or even forced myself on a child. I've never even had to seduce a child. To tell the truth, all i had to do was ask. =P I'm not bragging, and i sure as hell ain't going into details.
Visit Wikisposure to learn more about this extremely dangerous pedophile

William C. Adamson II

Its just like one of the other posters said, "live like you wish to." You want a YF, go get one. You wanna fuck little boys then go find some. Stop moping around here looking for a way out. If you're old and can't get it up anymore then live with it.

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