Is that Love that you're feeling?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Greenfly first became a member of GirlChat while searching the internet for child pornography back in 2002. He says he's sexually attracted to prepubescent girls and also little boys, occasionally women but never men.

His real name of course is Aubrey Eugene Davis. Aubrey says he first became aware that he was a pedophile when he was a teenager but that he'd been "playing" with little girls since he was 9 or 10. He called it tickling games or wrestling games and believes that he's a pedophile now because of molesting so many children when he was young.

Now as an adult he makes sure to put himself in close contact with children. He says he's worked with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and volunteers at summer camps. I wonder if parents would be trusting their child around Aubrey if they knew some of the things he's said. Such as:
i hope you guys are having a good start to your summer. mine has started very nicely. i'm working at a summer camp for a couple of weeks. we had 5-7 yr olds last week and 8-11 yr olds this week.

Man it's been guite awesome. some hotties last week and this. so, i'm kinda like a fat kid in a candy store ("bone-apetit":)) LOL).
Or how about this one:
How about this? Setting on a couch with a yg, leaning over and kissing on her, by leaning over your weight forces her to lay on her side, this position allows you to be in position to mount her. It would be a side mount.
Or this:
cunnilingus and gently stroking of a yg's labia majora and minora is very pleasing to them.
legally speaking if you touch a girls "secret place" whether you have concent or not wont matter. I don't think a defense of "well she said i could" would wash with a judge or jury. i guess you could try and let the rest of us know the outcome.

don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to be a hypocrite, i've touched girls before with their permission. you just have to be careful. kids talk. adults misunderstand. you end up in hot-water.
just remember females have 3 orifices. you can ah "utilize" 2 of them and maintain your virginity but have fun all the while. :)
Over and over Aubrey started discussions where he was obviously seeking validation for his affliction. He says he's a pedophile. He says he doesn't have sex with children while admitting that he's touched them. He says he doesn't understand how you can be a pedophile if there's no sex involved.
how can you be a pedophile and not want to have sex with a minor? that's like saying homosexuality doesn't advocate sex with the same sex. if you are a pedophile, if you love minors than you are one, then you at least think about having sex with minors

i respect your opinion. but i can not understand how child love, a.k.a. pedophilia, can be legitamite if there's no sex at all.
He made it clear he didn't want a "romantic relationship", that for him it was all about sex.
i don't understand, maybe i'm stupid, how adult men can fall in love with a 12, or so, year old. I have a very attract 13 year old cousin. i love her as a cousin, but when i think of intimate situations, it's all lust. I would never disrespect her, but i could never LOVE her whether she was my cousin of not.

after reading some of the messages over the last few days, i'm woundering if this site should be call girllust garden. if we couldn't have orgasms we wouldn't be interested at all. so is it love that you felling or lust?
And then after awhile he reached a conclusion that's rather rare for a pedophile to do. He himself wanted sex with children but he recognized all those other pedophiles for what they really were
if i had a daughter, there's no way i'd leave her alone with a girllover whether i new him or not. most child predators are fimilar with the kids they target. so, i don't see how knowing a girllover helps with a since of security.
I hope anyone who has children in contact with this man are warned. He certainly doesn't need to be watching children at summer camps and he's even been stalking his own relatives children. I find this very disturbing:
i have an interest in the way people, especially younger adults and kids, die. Unnatural deaths primarily. I find the data interesting, and sometimes amusing.
Personally, I don't find that amusing at all.

Visit Wikisposure and learn more about this dangerous pedophile Aubrey Eugene Davis
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