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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am harmless. I can promise you that.
Emovocals faces up to life in prison after he was arrested and charged Wednesday on accusations of molesting a 10-year-old boy whose Grand Isle County family said they hired him over the Internet as a nanny.
Is anyone really surprised? Another member of GirlChat and BoyChat preying on children, putting himself in a position to be in close contact with children, pretending to just "love children why he'd never hurt children" as the typical filthy pedophile always does.

We first wrote about Douglas Shepherd

aka Donald Shepherd aka Emovocals, JonnyXO, Philosophy and Kyva when we discovered this pedophile advertising to be a nanny online in 2007 Searching for a Nanny? Read This

"Steve Lampert, CEO of, said company records list no one with the suspect’s given name, but they do contain two aliases Vermont police say Shepherd used.

An account under one alias, Parker Wilder, was closed in August 2008 after a family complained about him; a listing for a Donald Shepherd, the name law enforcement says the boy used in referring to his nanny, had been shut down in December 2006, also following a complaint"
So this is to be expected:
Shepherd admitted the inappropriate activity included touching, oral sex and the taking of explicit photographs. According to police, Shepherd said he initially felt like a father figure for the boy but later the "dynamic changed and turned into, you know, I see him as a lover."
Shepherd had nothing to say as he left the Grand Isle Courthouse charged with a list of sex crimes, including aggravated sexual assault on a child. Investigators say that Shepherd will likely face child porn charges. That part of the investigation is just beginning but it's expected to be huge, with thousands of images found on Shepherd's electronic equipment, including photos of the victim in this case.
Shepherd told law enforcement he had had worked with children in California, Florida, Michigan, and at summer camps for boys in Texas and New York. He had also been approved to be a substitute teacher in Grand Isle County. Police are concerned that there could be other victims out there.
People who think that pedophiles chatting amongst each other in online pedo groups are "just chatting and gaining support" from each other need to think twice. That isn't what they are doing at all. They are trying to gain validation so they don't have to face what they really are. They're feeding each others demented desires for children which DOES encourage them to act out.

They say they're exercising free speech, but the Anti's say they are endangering children by messing with the distorted minds of fellow pedophiles, feeding them "girl moments" and "boy moments" and glorifying child sexual abuse.

They are participating in hate speech.

Their targets: children.
"People are being jailed just for being attracted to children. Isn't that what you tell me when I would give out information about myself on this board? Hell, now I am on some ass hole's blog. My pictures and all. That is what happens though when you stand up for something you believe in. I risk the chance everyday of being found out and investgated. How do you think that makes me feel?

I am not asking you to look past the things I have done, or except my lies. I am only asking you to stop your madness. I am harmless. I can promise you that. I just need people to talk to. I hope that some of this will sink in, but I doubt it."

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