"From Little Things, Big Things Grow"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"From Little Things, Big Things Grow"

said Your Dishonor Judge Ian Dearden. You may have heard of this folk musician, civil libertarian scumbag who is now a District Judge in Queensland.

Your Dishonor had been an executive member of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties - an Australian version of the ACLU - for 20 years and the president for 11, but when he was appointed to this position he became a victim and felt abused by "redneck letter writers" who didn't feel it was appropriate for a man who didn't believe in prison to be in a position of administering justice. He replied:

“Why should anybody be abused for advocating freedom?”

Yes, that's what the Judge said. Of course he also said:
"there was certainly a need to regulate human conduct, a need on occasions for jail time and that the only debate was how much regulation and what penalties were required"
Let's look at how he thinks human conduct should be "regulated"
A Queensland father who bashed a man caught molesting his 10-year-old son is facing a prison sentence, while the boy's attacker walks free.

Shane Thomas Davidson was at the child's house at Eagleby in June last year to watch the State of Origin match with the boy's father and a few other people. After the game, Davidson went into the boy's bedroom and began massaging the child's penis under his clothes. When the boy woke up, Davidson asked the boy to show him his penis and offered to do the same. The child refused and went to tell his father what happened. The man then attacked Davidson, dragging him outside, throwing him on to a concrete path where he struck his head and repeatedly kicking him. Davidson later underwent extensive facial surgery in the Princess Alexandra Hospital.
Your Dishonor Judge Ian Dearden said:

"There is no place in our community for a vigilante approach"
Shane Thomas Davidson was spared jail despite pleading guilty to molesting the boy on State Of Origin night last year. Judge Ian Dearden told Beenleigh District Court the sentence was reduced because the young victim's father had wrongly taken action into his own hands and badly beaten Davidson.

In handing down his sentence on Monday, Justice Dearden said adult offenders who committed sex offences against children must serve actual jail time – unless exceptional circumstances were found to exist.

"This is one of those rare and exceptional cases," he said. "When an individual takes the matter of punishment into their own hands, the offence committed by the person may be far, far more serious and, therefore, have far more serious consequences then the original offence."
The boy's father is facing life in prison. And the pedophile himself? He said
he regretted what he had done but didn't think it was something he should go to jail for.

"As far as these sorts of offences go, it's pretty minor."
Your Dishonor agreed with the child molester that what he had done was minor. Your Dishonor didn't feel this child deserved justice. This child who is now without the father who was protecting him......in his own home. But this isn't the first time Your Dishonor has behaved so shamelessly and with such reckless disregard
A Brisbane man Brett Ashley Connor appeared before Judge Dearden charged with with possessing 90 child porn images. The judge sentenced Connor to nine months' jail wholly suspended because of mitigating factors including Connor's co-operation with authorities and the lack of apparent distribution of the images.

Brothers Shammi and Shamal Chand escaped jail in Dearden's court after pleading guilty to savagely bashing an invalid pensioner with a baseball bat. Handing both brothers wholly suspended jail sentences, Judge Dearden said he took into account their own misery following the death of their father, the difficulties Shammi Chand faced supporting his extended family and Shamal Chand's battle with drugs and mental illness.
And for another sexual abuse case, a teacher who also filmed his abuse of a student then threatened to "hurt her" if she told:
A Former north Queensland high school teacher has been jailed after a court overturned his suspended sentence for molesting a female student.

Steven Peter Quick, 29, of Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, originally avoided jail when Brisbane District Court Judge Ian Dearden sentenced him to a wholly suspended 18-month jail term and 12-month intensive correction order.

Justice de Jersey found that Judge Dearden didn't take enough notice of the damage done to the victim, that he incorrectly regarded as relevant that she gave “some level of consent”, and that he did not give enough weight to Quick's threats to harm the girl.

The chief justice also found that Quick's remorse was only self-pitying and he lacked true insight into the damage he had done.
There are those paying attention to this type of behavior however. After the most recent ruling this shameful judge thought he'd get away with:
The case has sparked widespread community outrage and child safety campaigner Hetty Johnston described Davidson's sentence as "woefully wrong".

And yesterday Attorney-General Cameron Dick called for a transcript of the judge's sentencing remarks to determine whether the state should appeal. He has 28 days from the June 15 date of sentencing to lodge an appeal.

Meanwhile, the Liberal National Party's deputy leader Lawrence Springborg said the case highlighted the need for Queensland's sentencing laws to be overhauled "to reflect community standards".
Your Dishonor Judge Ian Dearden says
"There is no place in our community for a vigilante approach"
Society says "There is no place in our community for child molesters or their enabling judges"

The Dishonorable Judge Dearden - the folk musician feels a close affinity to these lyrics
Justice is a constant struggle
I’m struggling on
We are all struggling on.
But I don't believe he even knows what justice is. He once titled a speech "From Little Things, Big Things Grow" - I don't think it should be a struggle for him to know how the "little decisions" he makes today feed those who use and abuse children for sexual gratification. This Judge is a part of that cycle of abuse.

Please let your voice be heard and speak loudly about this horrendous injustice and demand that he be removed from a position which he has and continues to abuse in his personal mission of freedom for criminals. Demand he be removed. Demand justice for this boy.

Please write or phone the Beenleigh District Court at this address and in demanding justice let it be known that there is no place in any community for those who sexually abuse children or enable those who do.

Cnr Kent and James Street
PO Box 383, Beenleigh 4207
Beenleigh Qld 4207

Telephone: (07) 3884 7512
Richard Valdemar wrote:
The critics of vigilantism say that the enforcement of laws is the job of the police and other government agencies. However, vigilantes are born when proper authorities fail to protect and serve, and government agencies became bloated and bureaucratic. So my advice to cities, counties, states, and federal authorities is; if you don't want vigilantes - do your friggin' jobs.

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