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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Originally posted October 15, 2007.

We've decided that since we've been talking about Jan Kruska so much here lately, that we should go ahead and tell the rest of the story so we can move on. We've hinted at things she's done, and in some cases outright accused her of harassment, cyberstalking, blackmail, threats and libel. And you know, if I hadn't been seeing these things myself I don't think I would have believed them. So I'm going to show you some of it now.

You see, it all began when we wrote about the sex reform petition and the outrageous things it was calling for. One of the stipulations on that petition is
We have made a conscious decision not to seek out the signatures of sex offenders
So we were just trucking along doing what we do and checking out all the signatures when lo and behold we ran across one of them on YouTube. We left comments which were rational and informative correcting the erroneous statistics Jan had quoted. She didn't take to criticism very well. She deleted our comments and retaliated by visiting our very own Violet Leaves' video and mocking her. Tsk, tsk, we can't have that now. We won't have that. Anyone who doesn't immediately understand why should pay a visit to Violet's blog sometime. Read what this woman has to say. Violet is a hero and she's speaking for all those unable to speak for themselves. I admire her strength, determination, and very clear understanding of the issues. She deserves our utmost respect.

Phase 2 of the Jan fiasco was when we wrote about her viewpoints. We wrote about her signing that petition. Jan thumbed her nose at the rule that said she couldn't sign it.

Jan signed it anyway.

Not once but twice.

We talked about the fact that Jan herself was a registered sex offender, not from finding it on a registry but from Jan's own testimony before the Arizona state legislature. We gave the link for reference. It's readily available public information. But in Jan's view this was illegal. Yep she even said so. Within hours of this post we entered Phase 3 with this message through YouTube

And this one
And this one
You see, Jan believed I was someone named Carolyn. And when I told her I wasn't Carolyn, using all her powers of logic and reason she concluded that "it proved I admitted it" ~Sigh~

She then proceeds to add a page to her website about Carolyn, adding her full name, home address, telephone number and the statements that Carolyn is guilty of "conspiring to commit blackmail, harassment, intimidation, encouraging others to commit cyber stalking, physical harm and murder" She put out her own APB warning and states that Carolyn "persistently downloads child pornography and uses photographs of children to entice men" Well, let's just take a look at it shall we?

No, she didn't block out the identifying information, I did.

You see, Carolyn is not an Anti. Carolyn is not a member of AZ. Carolyn has never been involved with this. She was a random person in the crowd that Jan hit in her frenzy to get revenge.

Carolyn had Jan's entire website shut down. Twice.

Jan responded with an image of an assault rifle and claims that we were endangering her life. For the life of me I've never figured out how blogging about how stupid she is endangers her life. But, you know Jan when she gets something in that head of hers.

Here we enter Phase 4

It began with comments on AZ. Posted from Jan's own IP address.

You see, Jan "in her haste to look like an idiot" found someone on MySpace named Esther. Esther used a nickname the same as someone who commented on AZ. Once again, she hit a person in the crowd. She didn't get the reaction she expected so she came back again always linking us to the things she'd created.
Well, let's just take a look at that, shall we?


Now let's see where that link takes us.

Ah, yes. Of course.

"She has links on her own MySpace page to erotic homosexual child pornography images!"

"Esther is a very sick woman. I urge everyone to report her to their local FBI field Office"


Interesting not only because we don't know this poor woman who fell into Jan's grasp, but also because we turned her MySpace upside down. She's just a woman who blogs occasionally. Seems to have a lot of friends including her favorite radio station, a PETA activist, and a gay nephew (adult) who had some gay (adult) erotica on his own page. Once again, Jan doesn't know the difference between a child and an adult. Neither apparently does Shirley Lowery. You see, this is one of the things we do. It's one of the things all of you should do. If anyone sees child pornography you shouldn't be twiddling your thumbs, you should be making a report to CyberTipLine ASAP. Shirley has an agenda and a motive however

Phase 5 begins. Shoot-into-the-crowd-Jan intensifies her efforts. Not only does she make this blog

"Petra Lunatic is currently under investigation in Arizona for her continual online harassment, threats, and defamation against a wife and mother of four. Inciting violence against an innocent woman and her children."

And this because Petra wrote about the Fluff 'n Stuff story on her MySpace.

Oh but it gets better. Why, we've hardly begun.

On the one hand it seems that what we have here is a failure to communicate, but that's hardly the case. The day after she left us the "Absolutely Busted" message she called Susan, the web designer we hired to design our blog template. She accused her of owning this blog. When she was informed that wasn't the case that she'd never had anything to do with it well, Jan Kruska, true to form as ever, threatened Susan with legal action if she didn't reveal the names of her customers, she threatened to hold her responsible for what her customers did. Oh yeah. And sure enough she did. Lookie here

"If you have been wrongfully attacked, cyberstalked and terrorized by this woman and/or her friends on Absolute Zero, give her a call and let her know what's on your mind!"

"Porn Producers"

"Susan is the creator of Absolute Zero United!"

"This information has been verified and a link will soon be added which includes her audiotaped confession"

"Susan is very worried right now and she has good reason to be. She and her pals have broken MULTIPLE laws for which she and her friends can and will now be held criminally and civilly liable. POOR SUSAN!"

"She doesn't want to rat out her "friends" over at Absolute Zero and that's a shame because now she alone will bear the brunt of what they are all collectively responsible for"

"What goes around comes around"

"THEY, (meaning those you and your friends have targeted whether rightly or wrongly) now know who YOU are and WHERE YOU LIVE. How does it feel?"

Interesting that just last night Jan AKA azrockhoundz left this comment on YouTube

Either someone told her, or she realized herself that she had messed up big time. So she quickly deleted her own comment and in order to not lose her momentum and all she continued on:

Well now, I do believe she's given the word GRACEFUL a whole new meaning. Especially when you consider what Jan and her friend Erika otherwise known as "He-ain't-heavy-She's-my-Brother" had in store for our own Chris Brocious.

When we look back at the websites once belonging to Erika the Mouse, one of which she was selling his body by PAYPAL ONLY, the other was filled with floating animated pentagrams and Satanic music

Does it leave any doubt who was responsible for the page made to libel Chris?

Never mind the emails I received letting me know this page was coming. Never mind the doctored images of my friends she sent me. Or the

"Your worst nightmare is coming true"

or the

"I'm coming for you soon"

emails. Never mind the blog she made mocking the death of Chris Barrios and signing my name to it. Never mind Margie Slagle mocking me or telling Carolyn that she didn't care what Jan did to her because "Jan is hurting more" Never mind Tom Madison dismissing her actions as "a child's game" or Shirley Lowery aiding and abetting.

I want you to look

Look at what this woman has done and ask yourself how she DARES to show her face on YouTube crying VICTIM!

Ask yourself how she DARES to make this statement....just yesterday as a matter of fact
I am a Christian first and foremost. I believe in forgiveness and I believe that there are much better ways of dealing with these issues other than what is currently occurring
Or how Linda Wagner dares to show up on YouTube spouting off insanities
"Sue them all Amanda! Take them to court!"

"If they use your status as a RSO to intimadate you in any way, That is illegal under the law of your state. Also, being a christian, you probably can sue on those grounds because they are interfering with your right to pratice your faith"
Or what about the comment Jan Kruska wrote on that blog she made to try to harass Susan? Oh dear, what was it again?
Better get that Bible of yours out and read it again, I think you missed the whole point of what it was all about. You're a Christian? I don't think so. Can you honestly say that what you're doing is something that Jesus would do? I think not.

The Margie Slagle's, the Shirley Lowery's, the Tom Madison's and Linda Wagner's continue to enable this deranged, sociopathic, criminal. If they truly were her friends they would help her get psychiatric help. She's no longer going over the deep end you guys. She's over the edge.
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