The Sociopathological Mind of the Pedo

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is why the vast, overwhelming majority of emotionally stable and healthy people in the world are so offended by the motives and urges that drive child rapists, pedophiles, child molesters and predators. The general public has an innate disdain for people that enjoy hurting children. While pedos call this disdain "hysteria", in effort to neutralize that sick feeling people get as a result of natural instincts to protect babies, truth is, human survival is predicated on protecting and saving children. It's biological. The instinctual defense mechanism, especially in parents, is the little voice that tells you to watch your two year old so that they don't get too close to the road or the panic when you've turned your back and fear as you realize they've gotten to close in one split second.

These are the natural instincts of mothers, fathers and just plain ordinary, good people of various demographics, religions and race. From the gay community to Quakers working their fields, there is a general consensus amongst society that repudiates adult/child sex and holds a protective instinct that is unique unto children. Quite simply, this is because children are vulnerable, inarguably innocent and without the tools to protect themselves.

This is also why the general public is so incredibly offended when child molesters and child rapists seek to change public perception on how it views pedophilia. Pedophile's activism is offensive in it absurdity and it's remission of credit towards the general public's respect for children. It's insulting to be asked to entertain the validation of sexual abuse against children. (As if the public is going to fall under some pedo-spell and simply hand over our children to be penetrated by an adult, so that parents can somehow see the light and celebrate their child's suffering.) While pedos justify their behaviors and "lobby" to change laws that punish such behavior, their drawing attention to pedo activism only furthers the determination and defenses of people worldwide.

Since we know that the general public views pedophilia and child rape/molestation as vile, repugnant and criminal, one must ask -- why do pedophiles spend so much time and effort in trying to convince the public that sexual assaults against children are natural and beneficial to children as young as infants?

The answer is quite clear and is further substantiated by research. Typically, pedophiles and their advocates are quite simply, psychotic.

Sex offenders (and the people who support and rally their actions) would claim I'm wrong, but really, ARE psychotic people who support the victimization and brutal sexual violations against children, qualified to make that determination????

A recent Canadian study interestingly revealed that pedophiles are significantly shorter than "normal" males, have significantly lower IQ's "and are more likely to have suffered head injuries as children.

Huh. So when's the last time you've seen a classified ad looking for a babysitter with those qualifications? When's the last time on Craigslist, you've seen this...

Child Care Wanted:
NE mom reluctantly going back to work and wanting to find that perfect Nanny to be nurture my babies in a positive environment. Caregiver must be a short person with a Neapolitan complex with a low IQ and brain damage to care for my precious infant and toddler. Great pay!

Who on earth would knowingly allow a pedo to be around their children? (Well, except for the women who stand by their pedophile family members and friends -- that profile will be featured in a future post.)

The following article
from Medscape further analyzes the rationalization of pedophiles:

When confronted, pedophiles rationalize their behavior by suggesting that these activities "have educational value for the child", "give the child sexual pleasure," or "were performed because the child was sexually provocative."[2,3] The US Department of Justice identified 5 common defense patterns used by pedophiles[3,4]:

* Denial ("She's lying. Nothing happened.")

* Minimization ("It only happened twice.")

* Justification ("I'm not a molester, I'm a child lover.")

* Fabrication ("I did it as part of a research project.")

* Attack ("You cops are just out to get us.")

From Sex Offenders, Sentencing Laws and Pharmaceutical Treatment: A Prescription for Failure
Stone TH, Winslade WJ, Klugman CM
Behav Sci Law. 2000;18(1):83-110

The phenomenon of adults who have sexual interests involving children as partners, or pedophiles, is considered among the most sociopathological of human conditions. Considerable literature is devoted to issues and problems associated with or related to pedophilia, including prevalence, etiology, treatment, and outcome studies. The sexual victimization of children, based upon data gathered from a number of sources, suggests an intractable problem that is national in scope.

While there are various debates within the psychiatric and psychological fields as to how to classify pedophilia as a mental illness and whether how it should be labeled --- one thing is certainly clear -- these men (and some women)who molest and rape children are criminal. They are without remorse or empathy. In fact they blame sweet little children for the abuse in which pedos feel that children deserve. (Can you imagine?) They lack the intelligence and empathy to care if they're hurting children and they lack the capacity to understand why they aren't allowed to do it.

Some argue that we should just take away the mental illness label(s) for good so that pedophiles can be prosecuted for the criminals they are -- never to be given the leeway, excuse or pass by a sympathic social worker, judge or counseler.

In the end, it's not about mental labels as much as it's about protecting children from those that conspire to brutally attack them. It's about keeping children safe. And if the problem cannot be solved through treatment (which has been the case consistantly) and pedophiles have proven that they cannot control their urges (which has been the case consistantly), what shall we do with them? It's kinda like this, "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here -- on this planet, amongst children, amongst the sane."
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