Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Admittedly and with a bit of guilt, I have not posted to Absolute Zero in some time. Such things as Fate manages to sidearm into your life sometimes take precedence and make for diversions. And yet, in the midst of some turmoil, here I am, admiring the steadfast work, determination, courage and guts of Stitches77, Jacey and **Violet Leaves**, who essentially run the blog now. Despite this dearth of postings I still somehow manage to hold the privilege of writing for Absolute Zero and, for that, I am humbled.

It's my time to honor and respect them, their work, their determination, their sacrifice, their persistence in the face of unimagineable odds.

All you have to do is but read these posts, their varied and numerous links, to realize and recognize not only how pervasive but how well-organized are the faces of Evil not only nationally, but globally.

Things such written here are simply not brought up or addressed in polite conversation. And there are simply, but only to the beneficence of Evil, too many people inculcated by their own personal cocoons of naivete to understand the length, breadth and depth of the salacious, frothing longings of Evil and the extent to which it will attempt to reach its tentacles into our and all societies, in order to "norm" and slake their depraved sexual desires. Evil's nature is to take complete advantage of this tendency.

There are, in fact, Warriors For Innocence.

The proof is in the above photograph. It either elicits wistfulness for older, more innocent and happier days, or it causes lust. Innocence or monsters. It's that simple.

And when children thought that monsters existed and parents did their best to assuage their fears -- yes, monsters do unfortunately exist, yet in the form children would least expect: human, and sometimes their closest authority figures. Parents. Step-parents. Friends. Neighbors. Organizational leaders. Religious figures.

And what innocent children cannot understand is the level and depth of the plotting, tracking, cogitation and stalking that occurs on behalf of their predators.

When they are betrayed so thoroughly and so closely, why is it that children should trust those encountered in the rest of their lives?

These things and more I consider and ponder late this night. And still I shake my head in wonder that more people cannot understand and grasp the clear and obvious meanings and intents of those that would, essentially in clear, open and admitted fashions (see any number of pederast blogs) see and use children as nothing more than toys and tools to achieve an orgasm.

I made a post in October of 2006 where I recommended we refer to pederasts or pedofreaks as "meatbags." That was my first in a few controversial posts. That garnered 45 comments. I also wrote about even writing for this blog.

I made the "What If" post on the AZ blog -- and was in the process of working myself into my most controversial of posts. In the interim I wrote about The Nature of Evil in February of this year. I asked in April if Arthur C. Clarke had moved to Ceylon because he was a molester and received 84 comments. That was just the prelude.

In the midst of this was one of the most poignant pieces I'd ever read, Stitches77's April post "A Letter To My Abusers." I can clearly recall tears running down my cheeks as I read.

My deus ex machina came on Saturday, May 5th of this year when I wrote the "Chance To Respond" post, which directly asked molesters this question: "List for me, if you will, the personal or societal benefits of paedophilia, for both sides of the perpetrated act." I wrote: "I solicit any and all input."

And found myself essentially excoriated internally by some AZ members.

Oddly enough, that post garnered just about the greatest number of comments for any post on AZ: 120.

Since then my posts have admittedly been infrequent or non-existent.

My philosophy then and now has always been: expose pederasts to the light of day and let their own words and deeds define them. They will do their best, always, to sink their own ships if but you allow them.

I believed that then and I believe it now. I am not by nature a censorist. Nor do I believe in internal or external dissension. But I do believe in allowing the, to be blunt, child butt-fucking community to express itself whilst realizing and emphasizing to each and every public and private entity at large: they will tell you what they are and what they want.



These persons are far from the norm. Again, despite my lengthy post, allow me to be blunt once more: these are Meatbags whose ONLY desire is to plunge their penis into YOUR female child's vagina or YOUR male child's anus. For the sole end result of their orgasm.

Wesley Dodd was correct. He didn't deserve to live, and he was man enough to admit it.

WESLEY ALLEN DODD, SERIAL KILLER: I kidnapped three little boys, a 4-year-old, a 10-year-old and an 11-year-old. Two of them were raped and I killed all three of them.

MESERVE: Wesley Allen Dodd was executed shortly after this interview. He molested dozens of children before killing three of them.

DODD: These kept aggressing. They kept getting labeled to all of these crimes while -- what if I do a little bit more. I wasn't doing what I was doing.

Less than four years elapsed between the murders and Dodd's execution. He refused to appeal his case or the capital sentence, stating "I must be executed before I have an opportunity to escape or kill someone within the prison. If I do escape, I promise you I will kill prison guards if I have to and rape and enjoy every minute of it."

He chose hanging as the method of his execution "because that's the way Lee Iseli died".

While in court he said that, if he escaped from jail, he would immediately go back to "killing kids." He also requested that his hanging be televised, but this request was denied.

Dodd told the truth. All other material or writing by pederasts is extraneous and a lie. God bless those who write for and/or support Absolute Zero. You are doing God's work.

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