Pedophile Pamphlets

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The pedophiles at girl chat are discussing making pamphlets to hand out to people. These pamphlets are supposed to "educate" us (society) that pedophiles are "safe", "child lovers" and "no threat to children".

Awwww pedophiles are people too. Boo hoo pedoheads are so misunderstood (as Rob would say...)


Pedophiles we got your number. We know you.

In this fight to gain acceptance, pedophiles forget that Children are people too!
Children deserve the right NOT to be abused, NOT to be sexualized and NOT to be exploited.
Children deserve the right NOT to grow up with a pedophile friend or family member using them for sex or masturbatory material.

Pedophiles want us to accept them in their lust and in their mental illness that is untreated and want us to agree that their mental illness is a sexual orientation. NOPE we won't!
Pedophiles want us to embrace them in their deviance and accept the fact that they look at children as sexual objects. NOPE we never will!

Here is some food for thought. While you think about pedophiles handing out pamphlets filled with lies about how they never would have sex with children here are some screen shots saying otherwise.

Last year a pedophile started a poll at Visions of Alice asking pedoheads if they would have sex with a little girl...people are still answering it. Here are a lot of their answers:

Oh yes if they had the chance.

This pedophile asks "what are you considering a child?"

WARNING!! The following screen shot is graphic and could cause flashbacks and or emotional trauma!

More yes answers....

This guy thinks bestiality is more worse than child molestation.

No matter what a pedophile says to the public, in a flyer, or in a newspaper article, on TV, or a radio show it is all lies. They want to have sex with children in one way or another.

The truth is that pedophiles are willing to lie and deceive society and whom ever they can so they can further their agenda. Their agenda is and always will be to have sex with children.
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