Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pedophile! Is there an uglier word in the English language that you know of? Pedophile! There is nothing worse you could call someone than a pedophile. Once someone is known as a pedophile all other possible insults go out the window. I think of them as slugs. Those slithery, slimy disgusting creatures. The only living thing on earth that serves no known purpose is a slug.....and a pedophile.

Pedophiles try to legitimize their perversion by calling themselves child lovers. Boy lovers or girl lovers for those 'exclusively' attracted. Some prefer the term minor attracted adult. MAA. They don't particularly like the term baby raper. They prefer intergenerational sex, as though softening the sound of it will improve their reputations.

We need to never, ever use those words. They are pedophiles! They are child molesters, baby rapers, soul thieves, manipulators, liars, pedovores and pedofreaks. They are freakopaths, creepazoids, monsters, predators and destroyers of children. Pedophiles are many many things, but there's one thing they're not and that's child lovers.

There was a case not long ago that got my attention. A man caught emailing a video. The video was of a young girl being sodomized. She was screaming. My first thought was of that poor child and what she went through. My next thought was that it had been captured on video. And it was being shared. Traded, emailed, spread around like a funny joke that people share. Why? Because there are men who get their sexual thrills by looking at it. They LIKE it. Nigel Leigh Oldfield aka WM Critest, he likes it. He would defend anyones right to look at it. And he does.

The cruel, senseless nature of perverts like Nigel Oldfield isn't deserving of euphemisms. There's no sugar coating what happened to the children pictured in the photos, he enjoyed. There's no sugar coating for the children which have to live with what happened to them for the rest of their lives. No matter what name pedophiles want to give themselves, here at Absolute Zero they will always be regarded as Child Molesters, Baby Rapers and Perverts.
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