Alfred Kinsey, Scientist or Baby Raper?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Concerning Steve Diamond, his wiki says:
Diamond is very cocky and full of himself. He believes he has been through all the hardships life has to offer, and therefore everyone needs to listen to what he says.
For those that don't remember him, Steve's the guy that had so many blogs hijacked by Rez from Acme Cleaning Services. Rez hijacked his blog, Stevie boy started another one and Rez promptly hijacked that one, etc. Some of his blogs only lasted mere hours. Steve is a pedophile. He's a boyhater. He's a pervert, and a stupid one at that. Why just today on BoyChat, a haven for the cognitively distorted, Steve proves once again his stupidity. He quoted Dr. Judith Reisman as saying:
"For his wholly unscientific sex experiments on at least 317 children, Kinsey’s pederast team used stopwatches to record their little victims,’ “convulsions” and “hysterical weeping (especially among the younger children)” and “striking” the [adult] “partner” who was violently sodomizing the child. Kinsey testified these torturous cries of terror were “orgasms” that the babies enjoyed."
Well what's wrong with that, you may ask. Nothing. Nothing at all. But what is wrong is what Steve had to say about it.
  • she makes it sound like hundreds of infants were being tortured
  • Is this woman delusional?...
  • she litters her essay with very emotion laden terminologies
  • she crosses the line with this behavior, to an obscene extreme
  • This is a cheap, low handed tactic, for which people like her are considered infamous
  • This has fundamentalist, extremest written all over it
  • those sorts are in utter lack of objectivity
  • They don't see clearly enough, to have the ability to make any sort of sound judgement
  • This is clearly somebody who already had their thoughts set in stone, right from the beginning...and she ran to whatever sources she could find that would back up her own bigotry...and, of course...there are many bigots like her, in this field.
  • A fine example of a moral imperialist, and a moral elitist, if ever there was one

Here's your answer Stevie boy Diamond. You quoted Dr. Reisman's words, but in your haste to look like an didn't realize that she was quoting Kinsey himself. Those words were his words. Those descriptions were his descriptions. He was the radical, he was the nonobjective one, he was the one unable to see clearly enough to make a sound judgment, he was the cheap, low handed, bigoted obscene extremist. So why don't YOU get YOUR facts straight first, eh Stevie? It seems to me that it is you who is clueless, not Dr. Reisman

Originally posted July 20, 2006:

As you may know Alfred Kinsey is considered The Father of the Sexual Revolution. His infamous publications Sexual Behavior in the Human Male 1948, and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female 1953 are directly linked to the current attitude Anything Goes.

These publications have created change in our legal system, our educational system, penal system, health care system, and societal values and mores.

His reports are widely quoted by pedophiles and those seeking abolishment of age of consent laws. However, most of us don't really know much about those reports or the far reaching effect they've had on all of our lives.

While I had intended giving you a thorough report about him, there is simply too much information out there to include here on a blog entry. So instead I'll give you a few brief facts. Enough so that you will know to dismiss pedofreaks claims with reference to Kinsey's work.

  • Much of his data was retrieved from the diaries of convicted child molesters
  • Much of his data was retrieved from a Nazi's experiments on Jewish children during WWII
  • 25-48% of his subjects were in prison and/or deviant males, of which 1400 were classified as sex offenders.
  • 'Married' women included prostitutes (as long as they lived with a pimp)
  • Much of his 'scientific' data came from pedophiles, not 'technically trained' experts as he claimed.

In 1979, after Alfred Kinsey died, Paul Gebhard his co-author and the Director of the Kinsey Institute, released some of the data used, its quite impressive, if you know what I mean.

Gebhard revealed that of the 18,000 interviews, 5,300 white males accounted for the research base in the Male Volume; of that 5,300, 2,446 were designated as convicts, 1,003 homosexuals, 50 transvestites, 117 mentally ill, 342 “Other,” 650 sexually abused boys. This yielded 4,628 n=Aberrant and 873 n=“Normal” Male subjects.
NIMH Grant The Kinsey Data; Marginal Tabulations, 1979, p. 3. -6

In Chapter 5 of Kinsey's Male volume, he reports his findings on child orgasms. His famous Table 34 gives the age of the child (a total of 317 children experimented on) ranging in age from 2 months to 14 years. He has documented the number of orgasms that he was able to illicit from them and the time it took to achieve them, measured on a stop watch. The results are appalling, including an 11 month old, 7 orgasms reported in 9 minutes. A 2.5 year old, 4 recorded in 2 minutes. A 13 year old, 3 recorded in 70 seconds. And on and on and on.

But how did they measure those orgasms on those young babies and toddlers we might wonder. From Sexual Behavior in the Human Male pp160-161
Orgasm was defined as follows:

"Extreme tension with violent convulsions: ...sudden heaving and jerking of the whole body... gasping... hands grasping, mouth distorted, sometimes with tongue protruding; whole body or parts of it spasmodically twitching...violent jerking of the penis...groaning, sobbing, or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children).... hysterical laughing, talking, sadistic or masochistic reactions... extreme trembling, collapse, loss of color, and sometimes fainting of subject.... some...suffer excruciating pain and may scream ...if the penis is even touched....some...before the arrival of orgasm, will fight away from the partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax although they derive definite pleasure from the situation."

Need I really say anything else about Kinsey?
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