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Sunday, December 02, 2007

U.S. criminal investigator Flint Waters works undercover in the war on child pornography. And just like the other 800 licensed investigators working the internet, he goes for stress counseling often. Is it any wonder why? He describes some of the recent things he's found.

"A video of a toddler on a changing table who is penetrated by an adult male."

"Pictures of a young girl, 6 or 7 years old, nude, tied to a chair and being penetrated by a dog."

But Jenn aka Forlorn would have you believe that men who view those types of images should be given a slap on the wrist. After all, the viewer didn't commit an act of violence, and well it's pretty much a victimless crime isn't it? Of course Jenn would say that, her brother is entering federal prison in January on child pornography charges. He's so depressed, why he's absolutely suicidal.
"they can get through prison... can they truly get through everything else that's done to them? can they recover fully from losing everything they had?"
Jenn, like other blame gamers tends to gloss over the reality of what child pornography really is. Perhaps she stays in denial because she's not strong enough to face it. I imagine that would be hard to do. Facing the ugliness of what your loved one did. The problem is that Jenn has decided she's going to be an activist. Oh yes, she's just getting started. Why she even says "i have made up my mind on the issues based on facts". Jenn is making the same mistake the blame gamers and the pedoheads have made....she's not being honest.

For example, in her mile long, book length essay she left in a comment here - there's little gems to be found. Like this one:
these people can't help who they are as a result of genetics, but science and medicine can make strong attempts to set right what nature made wrong

some people are not born with the ability to refrain from acting out on thoughts or making bad decisions.... that can happen with severe clinical depression and other mental illnesses.... when the rest of us are 'firing' normally, they aren't capable of it.
But I have to hand it to her, she does attempt to explain her reasoning
if your neighbor writes bad checks constantly, and you accidentally over draw your account just one time, would you like to be told you can never write another check again because your neighbor screwed up so much that they don't trust anyone writing checks again?? it isn't right or fair, is it?
We're talking about sexual abuse of children Jenn. How dare you compare that to writing a bad check?
i certainly do not condone child or adult rape or child molestation. i just know that there are reasons why people make bad decisions when it comes to doing something like this... and that those reasons need to be addressed and fixed.

i don't think prison or constant civil punishment is the answer. we know that violent sexual offenders, that is, predatory violent offenders, are the minority of sex offenders. should we really continuously punish ALL of them?
Why is it acceptable to imprison someone who commits an act of sexual violence, but it's not acceptable to imprison the man who abuses his victims by manipulating and grooming them? I wonder why Jenn would feel that victims of this type of abuse aren't damaged to the same extent as the person who is violently abused? Does she not understand that the effects can actually be as bad or worse? Well, obviously not. And she obviously feels that looking at children being sexually abused is a crime not worthy of consequences. She asks the blame gamers their position on the issue
"i am very unclear about the position of SO advocate groups on CP offenders. are they including this group in the 'low-risk, non-violent' category in their fight to change SO laws?"
And gets a response from Jackie Sparling, Chief Operations Officer of SoClear Media Productions explains
"As SO Clears Chief Operations Officer, let me assure you that while we in no way support any groups such as NAMBLA, or anyone who believes that having sex with pre-pubescent children is right, we do not delineate between each "sex crime" and determine which person or person(s) we wish to repeal these laws for.

Whether you or your loved one was charged with CP, got caught in a Romeo/Juliet type situation, or was charged with sexual assault/rape doesn't even come into play with our organization. We are interested in helping to create SOLUTIONS, not more problems."
I found that interesting since that's not what Tom Madison has said. But we knew he was a liar didn't we? Read more about men who use child pornography HERE and HERE. Or take a look at Julian Dennis Godwin aka Harvardphd123 of Roar for Freedom. Or Johnny Ray Lee or Andrew Spedden. It seems lots of these activists have had and do have a problem with child pornography.

Dr Seto says
people are likely to choose the kind of pornography that corresponds to their sexual interests, so relatively few nonpedophilic men would choose illegal child pornography given the abundance of legal pornography that depicts adults
And what do these men look at?
  • 83% had images of children between the ages of 6 and 12
  • 39% had images of 3 to 5 year old children
  • 19% had images of toddlers or infants younger than 3
  • 92% had images of minors focusing on genitals or showing explicit sexual activity
  • 80% had pictures showing the sexual penetration of a child, including oral sex
  • 21% had child pornography depicting violence such as bondage, rape, or torture. Most of these involved images of children who were gagged, bound, blindfolded, or otherwise enduring sadistic sex
According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center
We found 40% of the cases involving CP possession in the N-JOV Study involved dual offenses of CP possession and child sexual victimization detected in the course of the same investigation. All of these offenders had identified child victims. An additional 15% both possessed CP and attempted to sexually victimize children by soliciting undercover investigators posing online as minors. When these cases of attempted child sexual victimization are counted, 55% of the CP possessors were dual offenders
Forlorn says that this is minor. Forlorn believes her brother received an unjust sentence and shouldn't have to go to prison for what he did. But there's more. She also believes
throughout history, we had emotionally prepared our young daughters from birth for the task of taking on marriage and a family, and we set them free when their bodies were sexually mature enough to do it. today, their bodies are sexually mature enough, but they are not emotionally prepared to take on those tasks

we expect people to be able to control their responses to 'eye candy' stimuli.... of course they should. but again, the sex drive is a very powerful tool. very powerful. and what was right several hundred years ago is no longer right now... morality has changed, but the human body has not caught up with that.
That sounds very much to me like Shirley Lowery claiming Jesus was a pedophile and having sex with prepubescent children is perfectly normal.

If these people want to be activists, if they want to reform sex offender laws, they need to be honest. No twisting of statistics, no lying, no outrageous and defensive statements for men who have committed horrible crimes against children. They should clean up their act or they will get nowhere fast.

They wanted attention. These blame gamers did. Now they have it. All eyes are upon them, watching and waiting for their next move, their next lie, their next act of twisted propaganda. Anything they say can and will be used against them.

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