Excuse Me...

Monday, July 30, 2007

But, could the news media just once get it right? Seriously, if I read ONE more time that Jack McClellan has "not broken any laws" I'm going to scream. How do they know he hasn't? I mean, seriously. How do they know? He could be breaking laws right and left... and they wouldn't know until he was caught. That's the key word here. Jack just hasn't been CAUGHT. Doesn't mean he didn't commit a crime... just that no one has CAUGHT him doing it.

McClellan hasn't broken the law

legal experts say he hasn't broken any laws.

he just says he's attracted to children, but he's never actually molested a child," Hart said.

I'm very sorry people, but let's face facts- child molestation and rape are UNDER reported.

In most cases, however, child molestation goes unreported. Estimates are that only 35% of sexual abuse is reported. Kids can be frightened or embarrassed and many times do not say anything.

That means, there are more people doing it, than there are people getting charged for doing it.

And, just because Jack says he's never done it, or you've never seen him do it, doesn't make it so. Basically the best way you can describe his is "he's never been charged with". Not that he's never done it, just that we haven't caught him yet.

Should we really sit back and let this ticking time bomb explode at will before we take actions to protect our children?
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