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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm honored and delighted to have been invited to post to this blog. Thanks to all the folks who run this place, it's one of the best blogs online. :)

I've posted this on my own blog, but it doesn't get near the amount of traffic AZ gets, so, here goes!

There is a lot of press about this guy again, I've noticed. But one thing that I haven't seen any of them talk about is something that is posted on his wiki, which is what he was doing BEFORE he made his pedosite. If you take a look at it, it's pretty damned scary.

His former sites looked just like his "girl love" websites, only, instead of focusing on little girls, they focused on prostitution. Like the wiki article says, the prostitutes he wrote about, and the areas where he found them were rated, just like the little girls and the places they visit are rated.

The websites were laid out exactly the same, and he also focused on "dark places," drugs, circumcision and radio. Such a fine focus on things like this is called a fetish.

Now, fetishes themselves are not dangerous. However, when a fetishist is focused on a child, that's dangerous. Fetishists' focuses are objects to them, even if they're living things. They're things they can buy, own, use as they sexually please.

If you take a look at these pedosites, that's what they're doing all the time. When you hear sex offenders talk about their prey, you will RARELY hear remorse. You won't hear them say that they're sorry for ruining a life. Yes, they're sorry they got caught, but they felt entitled to do what they did, and the people they harmed are simply debris.

Like the folks over at AZ say, everyone keeps saying that he hasn't done anything illegal, but if you go to the wayback machine (archive.org) and take a look at http://svstreetguide.org, you'll see that 1. he HAS done illegal things he got by with (frequented prostitutes in areas where prostitution is illegal), that 2. he views little girls exactly the same objectivising way he viewed prostitutes and 3. he's got very focused fetishes that he goes on and on about.

He's very precise. He uses symbols to describe everything from price to police presence. Here is a sample entry on his prostitute site:
P, PP, L: 0-90 days, $0-$1000. U18: 0-5 years, $0-$10,000.
Plum St SE & Legion Way SE. (7-2) 3300 block of Martin Way E. (7-2) 1530 Black Lake Blvd SW. (7-2)
Areas that have potential: Blocks between State Ave NW / NE, 5th Ave SW / SE, Capitol Way NE / N, Pear St NE / SE. Sylvester Park (between Capitol Way N, Washington St SE, Legion Way SE, 7th Ave SE). Capitol Way N > Capitol Way SE > Capitol Blvd S from 5th Ave SW to Trosper Rd SE / SW in Tumwater. 4th Ave E > Martin Way E from Pear St SE / NE to Marvin Rd NE /SE in Lacey. Area around Trosper Rd SW & S 2nd Ave > Littlerock Rd SW in Tumwater.
Does anyone seriously believe that he went to those prostitutes, asked them how much they cost, and left? No.

Does anyone seriously believe that he has spent all this time and energy making a website about how to find little girls, without touching any of them? Does ANYONE?

Not me. No way in hell. He's just yet to be caught

Thanks again for inviting me to be a guest on your blog. :)
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