Sprouting Halo, Dancing Pedo

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"I've dreamed of pulling tenderness of near-terminal intensity out of hundreds of children."

Sproutinghalo, one of GirlChat's newest and finest examples of filthy pedophilia recently arrived on the scene with a bang.

"I'm a single, 32-year old professional dancer who's grappled with sexual attractions to girls between ages 7 and 11 for nearly 20 years. I'm also a registered sex offender (convicted 8 years ago for child porn possession)."

He tried to hide his conviction and his sex offender registration and at one point just completely failed to register at all. This damaged his promising career as a dance instructor. After all, would you want him teaching your child? It appears it caused him much distress, he went to B4U-ACT, an organization involved in the petition to remove all penalties for baby rapers and abolish the age of consent laws. B4U-ACT's director (and BoyChat pedophile activist) Michael Melsheimer aka "lek", referred him to GirlChat for support.
"The five years I spent in a probation-appointed sex offender treatment program destroyed my faith in the mental health profession. Since "graduating" from the program in March, 2005, I've all but ceased discussing my ongoing concerns about my sexual challenges."
Did him a lot of good, eh? Now he's going to join a group of cognitively distorted perverts who will tell him how good he is for perving on kiddies and how wrong society is for not allowing him to rape their daughters.....or get off viewing someone else's daughter being raped. Those doggone parents out there, sheesh.
What frustrates me even more than the threat of my professional livelihood being compromised is the constant reflex I wrestle with to wax self-loathing for feeling the way I do about children. I've never known what it's like to have "normal" feelings for children, and for many years, I've worried that the mere fact I've fantasized sexually about them negates my ability to do right by them. One wish of mine more achingly unfulfilled than my sexual fantasies involving children is the wish to be perceived not as a sexual predator
This man does not need a pedophile message board. In fact NO ONE needs a pedophile message board. I recently heard one extremely filthy pedofreak say "People don't understand that these message boards keep us from pulling a child off the street and acting on our fantasies"

I am appalled. If that's all that's keeping one from harming children, my opinion is that they are seriously unstable, mentally deranged and should be removed from the presence of all children, and restrained to prevent their escape. And yet.....Sproutinghalo wants a family. Yes, he wants to marry and have children.
What intelligent woman would ever willingly enter into a life partnership with somebody who suffers from these attractions, especially if having children is a mutual goal? Is it fair to raise children in the shadow of a sex crime which will forever remain on public record, threatening to alienate the family in question from the community its children require to thrive? Has anyone out there successfully married and fathered children, all the while holding their attractions at bay? If so, are your wives in on your struggles? How do you disentangle your paternal instinct from your libido...or do you find this disentanglement happens on its own? I'm afraid I'm asking too much from the world in seeking an adult partner who'd consider having children with me. Is there any conceivable alternative for a non-exclusive pedosexual wanna-be family man other than giving a Smith & Wesson hunting rifle a blow job?
Actually my personal opinion is that it's the best alternative for everyone involved. Present and future. But he might consider giving SOSEN a try, I hear those women over there just love pedos.

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dangerous pedophile

Paul Christiano

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