The Pigeon Forge Pervert

Saturday, July 05, 2008

"not all urine tastes the same it's diffrent in one way or another some are just plain bad some can be sweet and lovely some can be sour or what not you just have to think what you want it to be and you'll think it's what it tastes like and won't even notice"

This is a 29 year old pedophile who is a member of the graphic pedophile forum board BoyMoment, and the now defunct and Global-Unity. On these forum boards he discusses such topics as drinking little boys urine and how little boys “taste"

He claims to be both a “boylover” and “girlover” whose AoA or “Age of Attraction” is the ages of 6-14. He was even present on the pedophile forum board Global-Unity the night Jack undressed with several pedophiles and encouraged a minor member of these boards, Allaloneboy, to get naked while other pedophiles showed their penises to him on webcam.

Possibly the most disturbing and dangerous aspect of Michael Baldaccini is his claim to work at and frequent the Dollywood Theme Park (owned by Dolly Parton) in his hometown of Pigeon Forge, TN with the intent to look at little boys. He even convinces the children’s parents to leave the kids with him for a day at the park.

"When I goto DollyWood in the Summer time I help people out sometimes I'd get these boys that are visiting to come up to me and ask questions bout this and that about the park. I'd gladly help them out in a few cases I've had actually been asked to goto lunch with him and his Family theres been 3 times I made a Friend with a Boy that is staying in the area for like a week or 2 and thier parents would pay me to take them to dolly wood or places around here since I get into them for free. Yes I gave them my details and all and what ever else they needed to trust me and i never had any problems. Doing stuff like this year to year makes you glad your a BL I've met very interesting lil boys mostly 9-13"

Does that surprise anyone? Not me. That's what these freaks do. They look for places to see as many kids as possible with the hopes of getting at least one. Many times they are successful.

Visit Wikisposure and read the full story of Zkish, but be warned, you'll never think of amusement parks the same again.

HT to Jacey for graphics
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