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Monday, July 07, 2008

Benjamin Rzadca, who could forget him? Or his other names.



A registered sex offender, a repeat registered sex offender, member of BoyChat, member of GirlChat, pedophile activist and RSO activist.

HERE we talked about his latest re-offense. Hanging out in a locker room perving on boys. He had a backpack. He had a hole cut in his backpack. He had a camera in the hole in his backpack. Wonder why?

In fact, the very day he was arrested he had been on BoyChat shooting off his mouth, writing one of his long diatribes about the unfairness of the sex offender registry and how not dangerous he was. Of course he also said

My sexuality is a fundamental core part of who I am

He's a pervert that's what. He's a freak that's what. He's a filthy pedophile and he can't get away from it. Nor does he want to. Can he ever be 'rehabilitated'? Cured? My answer is a resounding NO. He states clearly that even chemical castration didn't slow him down. Of course Johnny Ray Lee said the same thing......look where he is now. Take a look at this letter Rzadca wrote to his victim, keeping in mind his victim was seven years old.

Dear the-one-whom-i-love-so-long-ago, I know that I'm forced to write this letter to you per required assignment for SOTP

I'm sorry for giving you the sexual sensation of pleasure that any child would partake of as innocent and peaceful as laying in a green field covered with golden sunshine; such that will possibly never be duplicated in experience as we can't be young again and will never relive such bliss until the afterlife- hence if you believe such. How your beauty blinds the beautiful, and your flower blooms all other flowers, did I and was I able to enjoy your body and what a wonderful experience it was. Something that no dream-come-true could ever achieve, even if in the softest silk with the softest music and the lightest colors of sweetest smells.

Nobody can be compared to whom I shared such an experience with in such a state in time and space; no theory or physical law can separate my memory or our historical significance for the reality of it's invisible existence- lost in time, but retained in memory.

I'm sorry, yet I don't seek forgiveness, that is up to you and how you want it to be. You are to be loved and I do still love you- even in memory.

In-what-we-had, ioiov

Visit WIKISPOSURE to learn more, see the advice he gives on how to molest children undetected, where to look for children, how to thwart the system by registering 500 emails.

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