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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In 1987 Dennis Ferguson kidnapped 3 children from their home.

He kept them in his home and molested them for 3 days.

He was convicted of 19 charges including kidnapping, sodomy, gross indecency, indecent dealing and carnal knowledge. Dennis committed these acts along with his lover Alexandria George Brookes. Dennis received 14 years in prison, Alexandria 11.

The judge in the case said his chances for rehabilitation were 'nil' and that Dennis regarded pedophilia as normal behavior.

Nevertheless, he was given a second chance wasn't he? When his sentence was up, he was released back into the community. Not only did he break the terms of his parole, but he molested a 5 year old girl within 2 years of his release.

NOW, in 2008, right as he was set to stand trial for molesting this girl, Judge Hugh Botting has said that no trial can go forward because pre-trial publicity made it impossible for this repeat baby raper to get a 'fair' trial. In other words, he let him go free. HE LET HIM GO!

Where is the justice for this girl? What are the protections for the community and his future victims? He's a filthy non-repentant baby raping pedophile, do they honestly think he'll not do it again? There's many outrageous, and frankly unbelievable things going on with this case. Google Dennis Ferguson and you'll see what I mean.

But the icing on the cake is ol' Zman himself. Just when you thought you'd heard the last of him. He's allllllll worked up over it, oh my yes indeed. You see, the residents of the community in which this repeat baby raper has been placed are rather angry. A meeting was held in which 100 people were expected to attend. Instead 1000 showed up to protest this man living amongst them. They don't want him next door to their children. Can you blame them? But Zman asks, "Is this what we have become?"
"Thanks to the media and politicians for spreading BS lies about sex offenders, and people like John Walsh, Mark Lunsford and the other idiots, this is what we have become! I wonder if this is similar to what it was like when Jesus Christ was attacked by the venomous snakes who wanted to crucify him? Like in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the son of man is revealed. Amazing how one man can cause so much anger! Come quickly Lord Jesus!"
WOW, that pretty much rivals his previous insane babblings where he wondered why people couldn't just leave the "defenseless child predators" alone. Zfreak was asked just what he meant comparing this repeat baby raper to Jesus Christ. And oh, he tried to clear it up, only to say the exact same thing he had already said!
"I posted it to try to show how society is acting today towards someone, in this case Dennis, and how people treated Jesus back in the days which were similar to how they are today."

"I am not trying to say Jesus is like this Dennis person, there is no comparison. I was comparing how the people treated these men, like vicious snakes."
He posted a movie of the crowds raising hell over the Menace, along with a video clip from The Passion of the Christ showing the crucifixion scene so that all the simple minded RSO's and apologists could moan and groan with him, that yes, yes indeed Zman, we are treated just like Jesus Christ was. We are stripped and scourged and hung on a cross until dead.

He is comparing the treatment of Jesus Christ to the angry protests of parents who have just had a repeat baby raper released amongst them! Well, how very apropos. < /sarcasm >

Fortunately, the majority of the world is not as dim-witted as Zman, who routinely says he wasn't actually guilty of molesting a child BUT he hasn't re-offended. Or of this judge who
"failed to give sufficient weight to the interest society has in seeing that those accused of serious criminal offences are amenable to the justice system"........Appeals Motion
Let us hope that this stupid, idiotic decision by Judge Hugh Botting is overturned and a trial for Dennis goes forth. Otherwise, it is setting a dangerous precedent. "If you get enough attention after raping babies we'll let you go free since there's a danger of prejudice" Yeah, some group of pedos is probably already putting their filthy little heads together to work this one out.

One Queensland Mother said this regarding Dennis
“didn’t deserve to live in a nice place like this”
“He lost his rights and privileges when he hurt the kids”
“He should be tied up to a meat ants’ nest”
I agree

Other people chanted "Get him out! Get him out!" They held up signs calling him Dennis the Menace. They worry for their children's safety, you see. And Zman? Well we know where his sympathies lie. I think he forgot this part
“The supreme right is the protection of the community."

“When they offend in such horrific ways their rights are going to be impinged upon."

“Some will remain threats until the day they die."

Dennis Ferguson is one of those.
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