Does This Not Amaze You?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

There appears, at first vodka-enhanced blush (sufficient to enable me to post about a topic as base as this), to be two entirely disparate forces at work on this blog. They largely define themselves as:

  • Pro-Pedo;
  • Anti-Pedo;

I cannot essentially distill this "war" down to anything more basic than this.

But I wish those who read this blog to understand what the terms and physical acts advocated by those who classify themselves as "pro-pedo" truly mean.

Many won't like this post or its graphics. Get over it. Reality intervenes. Except imagine these images WORSE.

Pro-pedo means, literally, the Western Societally-blessed abilty of overweight, socially-inept, closeted, tortured, immature, undeveloped, controlling, stunted, Euro-male, miniscule-hung, living-in-mama's house, coddled, vapid, jenune men's unlimited ability to buttfuck little boys. This view will be enabled by various and many secular elitist overeducated elder males who wish they had they cojones or the opportunity to buttfuck their own cadre of males ranging from infant to 14 or so. Living in their mind-fantasies, their age-ranging drops dead when a minute before or beyond their preferences. These persons, in writing and in response to this blog, use the various conjured and multi-syllabic minutae of "educated" layers to bolster their belief systems.

Anti-pedo means a strict intolerance for the above, to include the incessant and structured refutation of any and all of the notations listed above. APs fight for the rights of children, from infant and beyond, and insist on absolutely NO grey areas when it comes to pederasty and the abuse of children. Children have an absolute RIGHT to encounter their childhood without the pressure of concomitant adult fantasies.

Pro-pedo makes itself ALL about control, manipulation, lies, misdirection, false assurance, threats, confusion, uncertainty, naivete, power-over-all, maturity vs. immaturity, mind games, successful manipulation, towering over the weak of will and stature, all in the guise of enlightenment, openness, education, secularism, Godlessness, New Age expansion, illumination and, moreover, pro-pedo indoctrination.

Anti-pedo refutes all of the above, on the side of goodness, God, logic, genetics and the most common of emotions.

And there you have it.

It gets down to this:

Do you advocate the insertion of an overweight male's penis into the anus of male children ranging from infants to their early teens?

You know, if you do, perhaps I might suggest this website may not be for you.


Huh. D'ya think?

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