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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Per our discussion going on now in the Anniversary post regarding Spike's post about a pedohead who committed suicide, I think we can't pass this one up. In summary Spike was called to offer counsel to the family of a man who killed himself. Though the man lived very close to Spike he wasn't known to him, but hey! guess what? They were pedo brothers! The note read:
"I have lived with the guilt of having an attraction toward children for many years now, and I have kept this away from everyone, even myself at times, I have convinced myself many times that this is not true, only to come back and slap me in my face, whenever I see a little girl!"

"To my children, though I loved you very much, I intentionally kept myself away from you so that I would not harm you in anyway."
Now, he never said in this note whether or not he had acted on his attraction, did he? But he did say that he kept himself distant from his own children "so that I would not harm you in anyway."

I think that statement is very important, and most especially considering they are his final words. And yet....he goes on to hurt them anyway doesn't he? Just like all pedoheads sooner or later they just can't keep their mouths shut. He's killing himself because he can't bear being a filthy pedophile and he's gonna slap down everybody in his life as he goes. Never mind that his children and family will be suffering over his death, now they also have to deal with the shock and shame that their loved one was a filthy, stinking pedophile. He made his family victims in the end, didn't he? And Spike says, what again?
I feel the hate of the community toward this man, and he has done NOTHING wrong, but simply he finds a child sexually attractive, and because of THIS he deserves to die by his own hands, or by somone else's hands. Where are as a society that we feel this way toward another human being?

You don't know that Spike, but like that fool Abraxas you'll defend your pedo brothers no matter what, won't you? Check out BB
You, my friend, are in a very good position here, because of your profession. Without casting suspicion on yourself, you can freely rebuke those who speak ill of this man, in the name of Christ.

I encourage you to handle those horrible mean-sprited people with rightious and measured indignance. If anyone can get away with it, it's a man of God.
OH! So now he's going to exploit God! Pedophiles know no boundaries. All of this because the authorities are investigating him. Is that not the only responsible thing to do? He was after all tortured enough to kill himself. It's pretty self-explanatory.....unless of course you're a pedophile.

Now, for the interesting part........what's their take on it? The other members of that den of inequity called GirlChat.

#1 for pedo-stupidity goes to Tyciol:
It's disgusting how they'd interview the family like that afterwards. Like admitting to being a pedophile automatically means you are one
...I feel great sorrow and empathy for the children who are--no doubt--going to suffer greatly at the evil hands of the self-righteous moral bigots.

One More Reason........why I constantly and consistently say WE NEED TO SPREAD THE MESSAGE. We need to open up, tell people who we are, and be brave.
I don't know about that Abraxas. It seems to me part of your problem is that you guys have tried to cram this down our throats for far too long.

Uriel decides to test the waters:
I feel for his family and all the children that will be subjected to asinine interrogations while they try to find a way to smear his name.
Damn Uriel, he smeared his own name. Like I said over on Tampa Pirate, there is nothing worse you can call someone than a pedophile. And in this case, he did it himself.

It's not fun at all to find your own community having such terrible feelings towards this man who was a victim of society, not the other way around.
The people whose reactions are hatred aren't hardly worth a second thought. They aren't worth the pain they're causing.
The pain Kero? Ummm, who was it now that left that note? Who was it that killed himself again? Because, seriously now, this is a bit confusing.

This man was willing to die because he had been coerced into thinking that he was a danger to that which he loved more than anything else: Children.
I am desperately sad for this man being driven to take his life by his own love for his kids and his twisted view of his own condition brought on by this sick society we live in.

This man loved his own family so much and at the same time was driven by the self-hatred thrust upon him from every quarter of society. He did the one thing he could think of to protect them from the monster society had convinced him that he really was
Oh, but now it starts to get really good. Check out Mesmerised:
This is deeply tragic. And it shows the importance of support networks - maybe if he had been a part of an online community like GC, he would not have taken that drastic course.
This is indeed a terrible tragedy, old friend. It's a shame that man never found GC. If he had found us, we would have let him know that he wasn't evil for being attracted to girls, and that he could very well be a good person regardless of who he was attracted to
Like Dissident said, if he had discovered this place first maybe he wouldn't have committed suicide. I know how you feel Spike

there was a guy in my outpatient group a year ago who tried to kill himself because he couldn't control his attraction to LGs, and all because he thought himself as being "sick."
Now I'm realllly confused. If he'd had GC he wouldn't have killed himself? Society is bad for thinking you're all wasted use of good oxygen? I don't know, it doesn't sound right, because we just talked about this the other day. And all I can think is

It's working already!!!

Where is my sympathy? Society's sympathy? It's with innocent children, that's where. It's with the man's own family and the suffering they will go through.

Pedoheads, it's not because people are hysterical about child rapists, no it's because it's the absolute worst thing you could find out about your loved one. So, no, I'm not sympathetic at all. In fact, the proudest day of my life will be when one of them kills himself and leaves a note saying

"I can't take it anymore. Stitches drove me to it"

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