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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Nickless from BoyChat has a new plan for Pedophile Activism.

Now we've all seen their plans come and go. It always works the same no matter what type of plan it is.

It never fails. Never never never

Yes, it's always the same........A 'new' plan is proposed and discussion commences.

Suggestions for improvement are offered and criticism supplied. Somewhere along the way a flame war begins and the conversation diverges into a little side-bar discussion. Until finally one of them gets banned....for a day, or a week and in some cases a lifetime.


But then they kiss and make up and return to their game of Puff-Up-The-PedoHead.

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You can practically watch them change before your very eyes, each of them feeding off each other in a virtual Pedo-frenzy as visions of little girls and boys dance in their heads....until at last.........flourishing in this gang fantasy, a gangster's paradise you might mighty pedohead fully puffed-up ........grown large and ripe with pedophilic expectation and visions of consequence-free baby rape loudly proclaims:
Hey! It's going to happen! Let's not make our demands merely 'acceptance' and 'tolerance' that might give the impression that we're willing to compromise! We need to go all the way with this.........
That's when the Bitch Slap occurs.

A voice, as yet unheard in this discussion, inserts himself into the heat of their pedo passion........quiet, calm, and seemingly all-knowing he simply says:

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They all scatter meekly, heads held low and return to their pathetic Girl Moments and Boy Moments, their crying and incessant whining about how 'no one loves a baby raper'.

It never fails. Never never never

Until of course the next plan comes along, which is what we're going to talk about now, because I think Nickless just might be onto something.

His plan first tells us why traditional methods of activism won't work for pedophiles:
  1. No empathy exists for pedophiles
  2. Required anonymity
  3. Lack of unity due to morality disagreements amongst pedos
  4. Lack of agenda dependent upon #2
  5. Lack of money
Oh dear. No one will feel empathy for a group of child molesters who won't admit what they've done is wrong and are actively campaigning to make it legal so they can do it again....and again. The lack of an agenda, the lack of unity should be a sign that even amongst these slime-dwelling perverts there a few who know better!

But on to his new plan. Nickless says pedos should keep quiet about injustices they feel are perpetrated against them........the better to live their lives peacefully... going on about.... doing the things they do. He says that pedos nearing the end of their lives should not go quietly into that good night, they should instead go out with a bang, a big pedo bang. Plan their own deaths, write snail mail letters ahead of time explaining how wrong how very wrong everyone is about pedophiles. So:
  • Make your end of life arrangements
  • Write pedo terror letters to ensure your survivors suffer a little more
  • Choose a target and proceed without cowardice
    "You don't act like cowardly Muslim terrorists who attack markets, malls, schools, etc.; rather you target those gatherings and institutions that are enemies of MAAs. Now I'm not advocating violence against those targets, mind you -- THAT would likely be a violation of Rule #6. I must leave it to each of you to be creative in coming up with a target activity that will get media attention if successful, and the more media attention, the better. Think of your plan as a "major media event".
  • Letters should "detail the wrongs and grievances you have suffered as a pedophile, and a list of changes that society should enact to alleviate such suffering for future pedophiles."
So what do the other nodding pedo heads think about it? Let's start with Slvrspun the notorious, calculating green-eyed monster who doesn't understand why society won't let him sodomize little boys and who was convicted of stalking a young boy.

Slvrspun constantly
threatens against those he feels wronged him....and even against those that don't know him. Presumably even children.

Yes, Slvrspun also had a little remote-controlled hard drive
acid-injection trick planned for when the cops arrive at his door to find out "Just what the hell is he hiding on that computer of his?" Slvrspun had this to say:
my kind of hero would be an openly villainous pedophile who keeps getting away with his illegal actions rather than a suicidal maniac just out to make a splash.
Norbert the Dutch pervert thinks it's a stupid plan, they should all stick to his own plan which includes:
  • Legal defense of an adult charged with loving sexual activity with a child
  • Public media, such as movies, plays, radio, podcasts, and journalism, that promote children's sexual freedom and loving physical intimacy between adults and children
Bill Evans already known for his violence responds to Norbert:
But I feel that your brand of activism not only isn't helpful, but is in fact, detrimental. It draws attention and therefore reinforces the hysteria.....The hysteria that dogs our heels at this time will only die down after people in general begin to realise that it is an unfounded hysteria
Why does Nickless want to do this anyway?
"In a word? Vengeance."
I intend to control my own destiny, ramdom selection and the angel of death permitting, of course.....Now hugging a ruthless antiped with a belt load of C4 carries a certain preiminent amusement....My own mortality is preplanned, and it involves an adrenalin rush
I'm convinced that any form of violence will cause our situation to worsen exponentially.
Steve Diamond:
It is not how you die which defines you...but how you lived.....We may yet get to love another, who we are biologically inclined to love.......The problem is going to have to be solved by strategy, and gaining some level of control, over positions of influence
Oh, I see! He must mean men like Foley

Fetishist attempts the Bitch Slap:
You'll be just another joke, nothing more. After they get through discrediting you, no other "MAA" will dare follow you.
Will Robinson is saddened that it's come down to this:
"I am a living hero"
He did, after all, as an original NAMBLA activist once coordinate the 'Prisoner Pen-Pal' know, so he could do some good for the world -- supporting all those convicted baby rapers. Let's give credit where credit is due.

disrupting an attorney general's speech would be more appropriate than disrupting a school classroom. Suicide can be spectacular or mundane -- spectacular gets media attention. And the reason to get the media attention is to make sure those snail-mail letters get published also, and so people start discussing those ideas.

You are going to die anyway, so why not make such death a positive act of protest rather than merely dying at the whim of fate? Repercussions only fall on the living, not the dead.

If a woman goes into a downward-spiraling fit of hysterics, how do you snap her out of it? That is correct... you slap the bitch in her face!

Society needs bitch-slapping.

Nickless just keeps repeating that the purpose of this is to get people to read pro-pedo propaganda, and he's encouraging his pedo brothers to commit suicide for that reason, vengeance, and assurance that all pedo brothers to come will have what he didn't. I can't for the life of me figure out WHY? Why, Nickless, why? You cry and whine if an Anti says
"Why don't you do the world a favor and just kill yourself?"
We already know what every one of you guys have to say! There's not anything, anything at all that will convince us to give you our children. We understand what it is that you want. And we reject you. Completely. The only thing you're going to get from us is this:

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HT to Jacey for the graphics, great job as always!
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