But, is he armed?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Well Dylan Thomas says that's a rhetorical question. But, no it's much more than that isn't it? That was a threat and it was an attempt to puff up his pedo brothers with the delusion that not only should they strike out at Antis but they should strike preemptively. He gives the scenario of a black man harassed for the color of his skin. In one scenario this man is armed yet in another he's not. The question being, when he feels threatened should he strike out in case they DO try to hurt him. Notice the question is not IF he's attacked but rather to make sure that he's not. He tries to compare the prejudices and injustices committed against a race of people with the hatred and scorn people feel for him and his kind, those who prey on children. And he ends it in typical Dylan fashion.......
And now a final question, entirely rhetorical. Am I armed?
Interestingly enough, just yesterday the Pedophile known as '28' normally seen on GirlChat showed up at BC to commiserate over the decimation of their beloved child sexual abuse holiday and the unveiling of the Sex Offender Wiki maintained by Perverted Justice. Ooooh they were all in a tizz over that one. So 28 who has a habit of saying stuff like:
I am trying to hone in on a strategy that stands a chance of advancing both the rights of children and eventually our own.

We must not stress or insist that we should have a right to be involved with them(children)......not yet anyway
Classic grooming behavior. They apparently think that because it works on children it will work on everyone. That was 4 years ago when he said those things, and now in 2007 he says:
They (Antis) never take the time to meet and greet real Child Lovers with an open mind, preferring instead to name and shame them without even knowing who they are. This ignorance based hatred is neither rational, nor socially responsible.

Antis hate the stereotypical pedophile; the Chester the Molester caricature.
Oh! He must mean someone like oh maybe Zlurker! Yeah, GLMeister who hangs out at playgrounds using his own children for bait.

28 goes on to liken the situation he finds pedophiles in to groups like women, blacks, Jews. It's sad that someone could be so deluded, except when you remember that he is choosing this. He chooses to self-identify. He chooses to commune with pedoheads. He chooses to pedo-philosophize. Is it any wonder then that he can't comprehend the difference in say a black man who couldn't claim to be a white man and go about his business. Or a white woman who couldn't claim to be a man, or a European Jew who couldn't do anything. Men like this who use and abuse the suffering of others demean these people and make others shake their heads at their desperation.

No, 28, you can walk amongst us unidentified.....until you act out or open your mouth and demand something that we will not give you. Not ever. I find it interesting that we talk about this today when just recently Dylan Thomas made this point:
I don't think one can name any element of Nazi extermination of the Jews that is not already present in our current situation.
Dylan compares the gold stars to electronic identifiers, our prisons to concentration camps etc etc blah blah blah. I can only wonder what he thinks when he sees images of what happened to Jews during the Holocaust. How DARE he or any of these other perverts compare themselves to what those people endured..... To have their entire lives stripped away, their children ripped from their arms and sent to death or killed in front of them, to be starved, raped, beaten, operated on without anesthesia, to be forced to walk around nude, stripped even of their hair and for no other reason than the fact that they were Jewish. How the hell do you live with yourself Dylan Thomas, 28, Curtis and every single one of you low life scumbags. To even make such a comparison proves beyond any doubt what monsters you are. You aren't worthy to have a voice, you aren't worthy to speak and you certainly aren't worthy to be heard. You are all child predators. And every last one of you are dangerous individuals who threaten children not only in your daily lives but with the fact that you proliferate this pedo nonsense to impressionable young men.

And so Dylan.......with your head full of your own martyr complex for no other reason than your desire to rape boys, you should know....as if you didn't.......that we heard you loud and clear. We heard you when you said:
If they want a war, we'll give them one. They may have numerical superiority, but we're invisible. We'll be sitting in on their strategy sessions while they're still trying to figure out who the hell we are.
And we heard you today when you said:
When I "draw attention" to the possibility of pedophiles using deadly force, I am not "crossing the line into the unacceptable." I'm performing a public service...... Let's make sure this is clear: pedophiles will use deadly force.......Sooner or later, someone will kill some cops, vigilantes or kids.
Yes lots of eyes are on you. But you are a stinking, filthy pedophile. And stinking, filthy pedophiles don't realize how utterly devoid of rational thinking they really are. That's why they keep saying such stupid things. Ken Lanning said:
Need-driven behavior leads to bewildering mistakes.
But then he also said:
Men sexually attracted to young adolescent boys are the most persistent and prolific child molesters known to the criminal justice system.
Kevin Brown has the best idea. Which is rather surprising after the Rick Roberts fiasco and the fact that the poor boy doesn't know the difference between the cavalry and Calvary. Take a look at his sigpic. Nevertheless today he says:
I support creation of an autonomous settlement in Africa -- Rwanda, Congo, or Mozambique -- taking up arms to defend ourselves, and building an economy that can pay for peace with the regional military power. Whether that is a rational alternative to the violence and discrimination we face in the west is difficult to answer. What value does one place on their freedom?
I don't know Kev. It'll be interesting to see how you like living in a third world country though. Yes, indeed. You know.......one of those advanced and enlightened places that the west should emulate? Yeah, one of those. I fully support deporting your sorry ass though. I'll help raise the money if you'll go. Yes! finally an idea to unite the Anti's and the Pedoheads! You pick a place Kevin! Isolate yourselves somewhere far far away from civilization, and we....those who choose to be civilized we will pay your way. Every last one of you. I DARE you.

Violet has a good idea, I suggest you check out her blog. Her new invention would win her a Nobel Peace Prize. And it all has to do with the pedo stench. Because you can smell them you know. Here's an example. Men who find AZ while looking for other stuff. Stuff they aren't meant to be looking for. Are they pedophiles? Oh yeah, of course they are. And like Camper of BC once said:
Our desire for porn makes us use bad judgement sometimes
Some of these guys are more determined than others, they return again and again. There's thousands of these search terms and we get them everyday. Everyday I tell you! I'll show you a few.
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And the awards go to:
  • stupidest of the day: Am I safe after totally deleting traces of child porn
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I smell them. The filthy, stinking pedophiles. Filthy, filthy pedophiles. They're breathing our air. They're stinking up our world. They're preying on our children.
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