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Friday, June 22, 2007

Nigel Leigh Oldfield, the convicted child pornographer, long ago banned from AZ for trolling behaviors and psychopathic harassment tries to prove once again how utterly deluded he really is. Once upon a time on the blog of nothingness Nigel accused me of being Rez. Now I admit I took that as a compliment but when he proceeded to claim I was every member of AZ I was stunned. Until of course I realized that his accusations were just a mere symptom of his many mental disorders.

Reminiscent of danyfreak who believes I'm Rez, Violet, Llort, Jacey, Beachbitch and Daydreamer....Nigel now believes me to be Blackribbonday as well. And while it is flattering of course for one to think me capable of pulling off such a feat, I must admit that I couldn't care less what he believes, and I hope it doesn't disturb any of you guys either.

You see pedofreaks don't recognize children as separate people from themselves, they view them as objects there for the taking. And just as Nigel sees children in this light, he also sees the Anti's as one entity. Cognitive distortion at it's finest.

So let us use this opportunity to have a bit of fun. I'm going to show you what true sockpuppetry looks like. With none other than the self-proclaimed king of pedovores himself..... Lindsay Ashford.

Here we have Lindsay posting as Neptune on GirlChat.

And here we have Lindsay posting as Bereshith replying to Lindsay posting as Neptune.

To continue their discussion amongst themselves, here we have Lindsay posting as Neptune replying to Lindsay posting as Bereshith.

And to round things out nicely, here we have Lindsay posting as Neptune claiming he should have spoke as Lindsay while replying to Lindsay who's posting as AP.

Do we all understand sockpuppetry now? Everyone please point at Lindsay and laugh. Just ignore Nigel, he's not worth your effort.
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