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Monday, June 04, 2007

"As somebody who has studied pedophilia online for over ten years now, I have, unfortunately also had to deal with and study the media and self righteous hate groups who proclaim to be on the side of good."
~ Uriel Dagda April 25, 2007 AbsoluteZeroUnited ~ Alice Day

These are the first words of Uriel on his debut appearance at AbsoluteZero. And he continues:
  • "While some might say that pedophile activists themselves might be suffering cognitive distortions, the anti-crowd themselves are no better, because they are just looking after their own twisted interests"
  • "Until we can accept pedophilia as a concept, separating the difference between consent and rape, studying it instead of vomiting forth yet another generation of platitudes of self-indulgence, sites like these do nothing but PERPETUATE child abuse, and worse, child murders!"
  • "The simple fact is, you have been duped"
  • "......these people already feel the stinging hate and derision of society in the mainstream form, pushing them to unspeakable acts, while society wants to lump them all into one neat package."
  • "Blind hate has never lead to truth!"
  • "My critique of this site: MINUS 10 out of 10 -- for taking a serious topic, and turning it into a self-righteous farce...............Keep slapping yourselves in the back, guys, you have made a great achievement. At being a fool."
All of that taken from his very first comment. We were going to let Uriel have his say, until of course he descended quickly into harassment....comparing pedoheads to Jews and Blacks with an exclamation mark no less! His sarcasm grew:
  • I do truly envy you....it would be nice to be able to just blindly hate and be completely oblivious. It truly would. I wish I could do that sometimes. I really do. It would make life much easier for me
  • Unfortunately I...well, I have thoughts. Analytical thoughts......
  • One thing I do know is right is looking at every issue with love. Not just love for a person, or issue, but for the world as a whole...........
  • That is perspective, and you must have that before you go into an issue.
  • OH and don't have any illusions that you are actually doing anything to benefit anybody whatsoever

Immediately after Uriel left these comments GirlChatter Elminster left this comment on GC
A friend of mine I told about that site was posting there most of the day, apparently he annoyed them with a bit too much logic.

He was a victim and told them so, but it seems that they don't care too much about outsiders and still crucified him for not agreeing with them.

I am not sure if they realized that he had done a lot of research on pedophilia and knows what he is talking about, lol.

Yeah, yeah LOL. Ok Elminster. The problem is that lots of people want to claim credit for Uriel. Next up we have albertRoss Who impressed me with his 4 part video response. Ok albaby, I took the time to transcribe your video, and you took the time to respond to me and we did it each in our own way without bashing our heads together in the same room. What do you know about that? I can't figure out why you claimed credit for Uriel's comments though. Elminster says his non pedo friend Uriel did it, Uriel says Uriel did it and albaby says albaby did it in Uriels name. Go figure.

So let's just go over what we do know about Uriel. He has a LiveJournal on which he rarely writes. It looks rather tame doesn't it? What did this man write about.....Uriel who goes around claiming to
  1. Be neutral on pedophilia
  2. Is not a pedohead
  3. Protects Free Speech above ALL
  4. Was molested as an adolescent
  5. Writes against Megans Law
Saying things like "But I do know one thing. If our views on sexuality and children do not change-- and soon-- the paranoia, hate, pain and futures of our children today will clash in a cataclysmic, destructive and regrettable way that might completely collapse our society. We don't want to be remembered in the annals of history as the generations that brought upon the world another era witch hunts. Remember. Sometimes love is just that-- love. Something this world needs."

I don't know Uriel.....That rather sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah to me Ya think?

But then here are some other things we know that are just as important: We know that he is a collector of Barbie Dolls. And has an obsession with the deceased actress Heather O'Rourke. He wrote her a screen play, he hangs out at Heather web galleries and forums.
"I could not stop thinking about the day Heather died."
In fact Uriel is totally obsessed with Heather and "has
been for the last 20+ years"

Uriel had watched Poltergeist the movie over 200 times........and that was back in 2003.

From his comments on AZ he is a CSA survivor who came here to gain knowledge....to see another angle so that he could write a book and have 'true to life Anti characters' but we ruined it Elminster says.

Uriel also claims to have an IQ in the 200 range, perhaps that's merely a correlation with his Poltergeist viewing times.

Above all Uriel tries "to explore every facet of every side of an argument from very point of view I can find"

Oh, yeah except for the Anti's side....because he's not realllllly looking for dialog when he comes here with aggressive, confrontational speech as his introduction......now, is he? I don't know......perhaps we should look at Elminster and what he has to say about all this.
I am beginning to believe that the anti's really just do what they do and say what they say because they are addicted to grandstanding and hate
That sounds familiar. What else?

Ahh, Poltergeist... I have seen that movie over 250 times. =)

"I had the biggest crush on Heather when I first saw Poltergeist back in 1982, and I remember vividly the day I learned of her death in 1988. Not sure if a punch in the gut would explain it, more like getting crushed by an 18 wheeler. "

And exactly how does Elminster and Uriel both commenting here on AZ from the same identical non-proxied IP address feel about Anti's...

For the antis, it is not about protecting children at all. That is just the spin they put on it to make themselves believe in all thier self-righteous bullshit. Thier only concern is that thier sensibilities have been offended, and they can't live with it.....Elminster
I see a problem which has been taken over and expanded infinitely by demagogues hellbent on using the plight of children to crush civil rights......Uriel

So hey Uriel..........help me help you. You aren't a pedohead? Elminster is? Well let's be sure and find out exactly what it is that Elminster does like, then we'll know more about you Uriel, won't we?

The question was:
1. What age of girl do you find most -physically- attractive?
2. What age of girl do you find most -mentally/emotionally- attractive?

1. 5-year-old girls just make my insides melt.
2. 3-7, because they love to cuddle and be soo close. They need alot of affection at this age range.

Well it does appear Uriel is the only one in denial.

Of course he did complain about the mental health field, but it was obvious from what he said that he either never really got any therapy or he got the wrong kind.

Perhaps this will help. Cheap and on Uriel's level.

Uriel you and/or your sockpuppets can comment here on this
post, but you must remember a few small rules. It's fairly simple.

1. This invitation only applies to you Uriel/Elminster
and albertRoss no other pervs should bother
2. No flaming
3. No Lying
4. No essays, diatribes or dissertations,
responses must be short and simple

If you don't like these rules then don't comment.
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