Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Thursday, June 07, 2007

That's Jack McClellan I'm talking about. I think he has some sort of death wish. He lost his Seattle girl perving website for awhile. His parents gave him an ultimatum....."Open another website like that and you'll get out" could he pass that up?

Living on disability, with his parents, bringing them into the news and I'm sure making their life a living hell. Why would anyone think this was a man of character and integrity? Oh, he left Washington and headed to L.A. he says to take attention from his parents.......I suppose he's too ashamed to tell the real reason. Wouldn't you be?

So here he is a man who is dependent on somebody for money, and to somebody else for a roof over his head, and never mind the fact that he's practically spitting in his own family's face, yeah never mind that....but he also spits in the face of his pedo-brothers. He's defiant, he's outrageous, and he's out of control.

He says he's homeless, sleeping in his car. Oh BOO HOO. You can afford a website telling people where to find little girls to perv over can't you? Yep, he's going to be the new Lindsay Ashford alright. Obnoxious, arrogant, hated by 99.999% of the population and now begging for hand outs so he can keep his wheels a'movin. he's in L.A. He can't work but he sure can drive all over the place attending children's events and photographing girls for ulterior motives. What did you say that disability was again, Jack? Hmmm?

Now while begging for scraps from the pedoheads he also lets them know he'll be on the Rick Roberts show in the morning.....again. I'm interested to know what they think about Jack continuously putting them in the spotlight.

You're asking for trouble jack.......I guarantee you Jack that nothing but bad comes out of this. Keep in mind you are representing this entire community now
I don't get it, what possible good could this do you, us, and the greater GL movement?
I'm hoping some GLs will try calling in (their number is 1-800-760-KFMB) -- so that the interview isn't just me versus Rick & the antis
Joey Bishop:
While I admire the bravery of those who would risk calling in with a pro-pedo opinion, I would once again remind them of the consequences, especially if they have dependants who rely on them(like Kevin Brown).
Right from the start, try to focus on the bigotry/discrimination/thought-crime angle. It's going to be hard to get that in, so the sooner you start trying, the better..........

He's going to try to focus on the idea that 'you and people like you want to have sex with the little kiddies.' Avoid that. When he goes there, the audience stops thinking and starts blindly hating. Please try to spend some time on the discrimination/bigotry/thought-crime angle.
BTW I think the Rick Roberts show is just a cover-up for his own repressed pedophilia, so you should call him on that. In fact, I suggest you be more aggressive and tell him he is spreading hate and fear with his attacks on pedophiles, and thus making himself to be an eventual suspect

We love ya man. Pedos unite.
The community needs people to out themselves in a positive way (As you seem to do), so the world can see how normal we all are!
Your goal is survival
Abraxas rears his head:
Hold your own, pal
I think Abraxas doesn't know when to hush uppa his mouth. See here he gives Jack some tips on who to call regarding shelter. But then Abraxas knows a lot about poverty and how to get by. Why, once upon a time he even had a plan for a young boy to support his entire family and all he had to do.....

"There are lots of families out there struggling to survive financially. Many of these are families with boys

So let's say a boy in a struggling family offers his services five times a day. 5 Head Jobs x $20.00 each = $100 per day. Say he takes Sundays off, that's still 6 Days a Week x $100.00 = $600.00 per week. That's a cool $31,200.00 per year. Any family could use that. Even better for families with more than one boy.

1. The sex is safe. Getting a head job has almost zero risk.
2. The sex is financially lucrative.
3. The sex is pleasurable.
4. The boy is sexually satisfied, no danger of his getting his girlfriend pregnant.

There is no down side.

This is just an idea"

Like I said, some people don't know when to stop talking. They won't control themselves and they won't control their own community. So ya know, they shouldn't complain when someone else has to do it for them. Although Abraxas does dream of living in an underdeveloped country, and Lindsay is running for his life......perhaps that's the type of advice you guys should be giving him instead?
"How to live on the run out of a suitcase begging for dollars from message boards"
Now that would be interesting to watch.

Can you just imagine what society would be like if men like these......with ideas like these ran the world?
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